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10 Days of Momsanity: Get UNstuck!

by Coach Debbie









Growing up my nickname was “Little Debbie” and I like to think it was due to my sweet-as-oatmeal-cream-pie personality.  HA.  I always liked that nickname (and oatmeal cream pies) except for that time a boy in my neighborhood yelled, “Hey Little Debbie, got a snack for me?”  Boys…yuck.

As irony would have it, I really did love Little Debbie snack cakes and would likely be stuffing my mouth with one right this second if I didn’t know better.  How about you, do you know better but still make bad food choices?

Sugar was a big theme to my daily nutrition for longer than I care to admit.  My diet consisted of foods that were mostly yellow and white (except for the rainbow colored Lucky Charms, of course).  And I was able to get away with this until about 30 years old.  My body enlarged while my clothing shrunk and I was mad.  I wanted to have my cake and be slender too.  How about you, do you wish for clothes to fit better while eating chips?

I turned that frustration into motivation with the help of Momsanity Coach Emily who taught me how to get UN-addicted to junk.  Change is hard but change can be really good.  How grateful I am to have such a smart friend in my life who has helped me beyond what’s on my plate these days.  Do you believe that your frustration can be your starting point for transformation?

25 year old Debbie would never have dreamed that 38 year old Debbie could crave salads or water!  Isn’t that just like God to lead us slowly down the path of change?  I know He must have smiled on those days when I declared I didn’t need or want to eat healthy.  And I’m confident He was by my side as I pouted while eating asparagus instead of cereal.  Is God part of your action plan?

I have been “eating clean” for several years now (which kind of has an Alcoholics Anonymous ring to it, I suppose).  I stumble, then eat well, then stumble again.  And I’m actually okay with being a screw-up.  I think the Lord uses my imperfections to relate well to other imperfect eaters as well as to keep me humble in my journey with not lusting after cookies.  How do you feel about progress over perfection?

I could really go on and on about why I value strong over skinny, how I avoid pie and Mountain Dew, and what the Lord is teaching me.   But I’d like that to be a two-way conversation WITH you, not AT you.  Let’s start that discussion today on the private facebook page that Coach Emily and I have created.  It’s a great fit for you, wherever you are in your fitness and nutrition journey.  We meet you where you are, along with our community of sweet moms who can nod their head as you share your journey.  Oh, and we offer full-length workout videos, mind-blowing recipes, Bible devotions, and tons more.

Right now, we are having a major Jump-Start January Sale!  Your 1st Month is FREE in our Momsanity Sisterhood!  Seriously, no strings attached!  Get all the information here!  It ends really soon so get started right now!

Love, Little Debbie (widow-turned-newlywed mom of 4 boys who adores naps)



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