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Debbie Wilkins Baisden

My name is Debbie and I am the proud owner of 4 sons who I managed to bring into this world in 4 short years.  I love Jesus and give Him all the glory for how He has shaped my life into the exact opposite of everything I originally intended!

I never planned to get married…until God introduced me to a man named Aaron as I was finishing college at Appalachian State University.  Okay, God, I’ll be a wife but there is no need for me to reproduce.

Shortly after walking down the aisle, I was ready for babies!  2 years later, Paul was born and I left my teaching career without looking back, so I could be a stay-at-home mom.  Within the blink of an eye, I found myself pregnant again.  Apparently having the prescription for birth control in your person is ineffective birth control; lesson learned.   Paul became a big brother to Bradley at 16 months.  Our lives were wrapped up with a neat little bow.  I wanted 2 boys and got them.

Then God reminded me He was the boss.  My husband, a middle school PE teacher and Athletic Director loved kids and somehow convinced me for “just one more.”  Okay, God, 3 kids but that is it!  2 devastating miscarriages later (God is sovereign still), I was successfully pregnant – with twins.  I am pretty sure at this point God had His hand over his mouth as he grinned from ear to ear.  We made it through a brutal pregnancy and added Joshua and Andrew to our clan.  4 boys in 4 years.  It is everything you imagine it is.   It wasn’t my plan…it was even better!

Having children did a number on my body and eating a teenage boy’s diet wasn’t helping my jeans zip.  That’s where Emily came in, when my twins were 2 years old.  She taught  me about nutrition and exercise in a way that was so new and exciting and made sense!  I was on board!  I have done a 180 with what I put in my mouth and how I work out and it makes me feel so healthy and fit.  I am so thankful God had such high standards for me.  I am a certified Metabolic Effect (ME) Personal Trainer and a certified ME Group Instructor.  Check out my Fit with Deb website for more information.

August of 2012 the Lord allowed our lives to be forever altered.  My husband, the father of our 4 boys, died tragically.  It is the most surreal experience and the pain is deep.  God’s ways are not our ways.  Through his passing, I have been cradled with the Lord’s comfort and strength.  God is real; He is loving; He is in control.

As the 5 of us adjusted to our new normal, I stayed thankful to have my foundation in the Everlasting.  And I am thankful that He has plans for us, to give us a hope and a future.  And that future now means being remarried to a wonderful, caring man named Jason.  Our love story was shaped and molded by our loving God.

With all of life’s uncertainties and winding changes, I can count on the Lord who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  I never thought my life would look like this.  Ever.  But I trust the One who is in charge because all of His ways are good.  I am so honored and privileged to be a part of Momsanity!


Emily Saunders

IMG_3617kHi Moms!  I’m Emily and I’m Mom to Adler almost 3 and prayerfully looking forward to baby #2’s arrival in February 2016.  I love connecting with other Moms and learning from them.  I also love sharing the gifts the good Lord had given me in the areas of health, nutrition and connecting our spiritual and health and fitness journeys.

I love the Lord and am so thankful for his never-ending love and grace that he pours out upon me daily!

I am a Metabolic Effect Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Group Fitness trainer with a passion for helping others attain and SUSTAIN the fat loss lifestyle.  I LOVE integrative nutrition and weird things like digestive health and optimizing hormonal function with food.  My passion is helping women learn to understand their bodies’ unique needs, lose the diet plans, and pursue life-long wellness.  As a reformed “cardio queen”, I love quick and effective Momsanity workouts that help me reach my goals the smart way.

My husband Dr. Wiggy is an integrative MD and together we have another passion- helping families learn how to embrace a toxic-free lifestyle.  It’s the missing piece for many families aiming to pursue health and our goal is to educate and innovate with affordable products for the entire family. Moms don’t need something else to worry about so we aim to take out the guess work. You can find more on our Raise Them Well website.

Outside of health and fitness I enjoy outdoor adventures, weekend getaways, reading, shopping, church activities and spending time with my family and girl time.






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  1. Hey, ladies! I follow you gals on IG….Deb, didn’t realize you have twins! Me too! We plan, God laughs….right? 😉 But such a blessing. He does always know just what we need. Thanks to both of you for the inspiration and guidance you are providing to so many women. Love ya!

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