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Bucket List for Moms

by Coach Debbie

Forget New Year’s Resolutions.  They fade within 6 weeks and leave us feeling guilty and defeated.  Instead, let’s focus on FUN stuff!  I’ve created a Bucket List for Moms that’s honestly my bucket list but I thought you might want to conquer laundry too.

bucket list




  1. Order prints for all digital pictures on my phone.  Bonus: find a promo code.
  2. Find a non-ghetto, budget-friendly, Groupon type trip to an all-inclusive paradise destination. Leave kids with an amazing sitter who does crafts.
  3. Go on 3 real dates each month with Mr Wonderful wearing something other than workout pants. Use the same babysitter from #2.
  4. Get pretty feet by loofah action and lotion-then-socks strategies. Oh and apply fresh polish.
  5. Do something new and unexpected. Sky-dive or take a pole-dancing class or drive a Ferrari.
  6. Get mini-van (nicknamed “The Hangover”) cleaned by a pro so it looks brand new.
  7. Put love notes in kids’ lunch boxes. Bonus: go eat with those kids at school.
  8. Pursue a new or forgotten hobby. Photography, sewing, reading, blogging, etc.
  9. De-clutter. Beginner level:  kitchen drawer, Intermediate level:  garage or basement, Advanced level:  child’s bedroom.
  10. Schedule one-on-one time with each child. Do whatever it takes to make it happen.
  11. Memorize one Bible verse per month. Learn more about Who eternity will be spent with.
  12. Exercise consistently, even when it’s not “bikini season.” Bonus: try lifting heavier weights.
  13. Create a monthly menu of quick, easy recipes plus ingredients needed. Bonus: do this with a friend so you two can cook in bulk half the recipes then SHARE with each other.
  14. Break a bad habit. Maybe it’s nightly ice cream, maybe it’s overusing “ummm” or “awesome” in every sentence.
  15. Involve offspring in serving. Make “Jesus Bags” for the needy people in our community by assembling bags of toiletries and non-perishable foods; pray for them and include children’s artwork.
  16. Find a better system for laundry. Get on Google or Pinterest to figure out how to make it less awful and more efficient.
  17. Wake and pray. Set alarm for 15 minutes earlier to enjoy early time with Jesus.  Have coffee alarm set the night before.  Sip, pray, sip, read, sip, praise.
  18. Buy new music from iTunes. Use for workouts, for carpooling, for drowning out the noise of tantrums, for calming walks, for cooking.
  19. Join the Momsanity Sisterhood.   A community of cool moms who focus on Motherhood, Faith, Fitness and Nutrition.  Be cool.  Click HERE.



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