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Coach Debbie, The Hangover, Laziness, and White Chocolate

What does the inside of your mini-van look like?

One of my babysitters says it looks like “The Hangover” and she is so right.  It’s embarrassingly disgusting at all times.  The front passenger side is filled with so much stuff like protein powder and fleece jackets and water bottles; the back is often loaded with hundreds of pounds of dumbbells.  In between is filled with kids and bookbags and crumbs.  I also drive a Jeep Wrangler which is fantastically cleaner.


Have you always enjoyed exercise?

Absolutely not.  I’m not an “active” person by nature as I prefer to be sedentary and lazy.  It takes a lot of pep talks to myself and constant reminders as to “why” I workout.   It really has been a slow journey for me that began with dread and hate, honestly.  The game changers are how FAST my workouts are, that I can do them at HOME, and that I feel STRONG and EMPOWERED during and after.  Before becoming healthy, I was never obese or overweight but I was not eating right or feeling fantastic.  My jeans were too tight and I had low energy.


What catapulted you into becoming a fitness instructor and inspired you to make your own brand and business?

2 things.  Death and Emily Saunders.  I was a stay-at-home mom and had all intentions of keeping that title as long as possible.  I’m not a fan of “work” or having a boss tell me what to do.  After my husband passed away unexpectedly (we are approaching the 3 year mark, which is just unreal), I had the opportunity that most adults do not.  I was able to decide my future path in the job world.  Emily Saunders has been my friend for years and had helped me change my eating and exercise regime drastically; she changed my life (and keeps doing so).  We talked at lunch about widowhood, love, the future, and work.  She is so ambitious and encouraging!  She first prompted me to consider being a fitness instructor with Metabolic Effect.  After weeks of debating, I decided it was a really smart fit for my new life.  Not too long after, Emily approached me about this vision she had of an online community for moms to get fit at home and to grow in their faith.  She said that she and a girl named Kate Horney were making it happen and asked if I would join the team.  I thought to myself, “I have nothing to lose!”  Somehow becoming a widow has helped me learn to release some control, to give God the reigns.  I am more flexible with change (I think.  I hope.) and am just always in awe that this is my life.  I’m self-conscious by nature and to be in front of groups or in front of a camera was very daunting.  Now I have the gift of hindsight and can truly see how God has woven this as part of His will for me.  He uses my strengths that I never would’ve put together in this way; and He uses my weaknesses to remind me to seek Him first and always.


Do you wish you had a daughter?   Will you have more kids?

No and no.  My late husband desperately wanted a daughter; I like to think that maybe some of my miscarried babies were girls and Aaron gets to hang out with them in heaven.  I am quite content being the Queen of the family.  And I am too old and tired to add to my brood.  I can barely manage the 4 kids I already own.


What stresses you?

Being rushed / late makes me turn into Mommy Dearest.  I get very anxious and crazy and tend to not be soft-spoken at all.  And I’m rushed / late nearly every day at various times.  I don’t “juggle” life very well, to be frank with you.  I feel overwhelmed a lot and being type A just makes that more intense.  I stay up too late, I get up too early.  And I have piles of papers scattered all over the house of “to do’s.”  It’s insane.


Are you extroverted or introverted?

I like to be alone to recharge.  I enjoy people and talking, but my favorite is just to have silence and stillness.


What’s your favorite protein shake recipe?

1 cup coconut milk

1 handful spinach

1 handful ice

Dash of cinnamon & vanilla

Dash of chia seeds & coconut flakes

1 tsp peanut butter

¼ cup berries

deb wedding

What are some things that people don’t know about you?

I made a deal with our Golden Retriever in 2012.  I asked her to not die for at least a year.  I did not want my children to have to face another death too close to their father’s earthly exit.  She kept her end of the deal and waited 17 months.


I do not like cats at all.


I miss the sound of an infant breathing near my ear.


I have a lot of pain in my lower back, hip, sciatic and SI areas.


I prefer flip flops or bare feet.


I likely own about 50 pairs of panties.


I don’t love beer or wine.


Our family had a horse growing up.


I’ve always been outspoken, which usually gets me into trouble.  Growing up, I used to tell my siblings, “You’re not my boss!”  I think it’s because I’m the “baby” of the family that I have a sassy attitude and generally speak my mind.  I don’t candy-coat my brash thoughts very well and that can be very offensive to others.


White chocolate is repulsive.


My husband calls me Sweetie.


I call my children pet names like “Cake,” “Sugee”(pronounced Shoogee), “Love,” “Squirrel,” and “Love Muffin.”


What are your kitchen must-haves?

A chef?!  I love my ultra tiny wire whisk for blending homemade hot cocoa.  I can’t function without my monster Ninja blender for making smoothies.  We use our big griddle often to make Coach Kate’s pancakes and more.  I stay hydrated with my Thermos water bottles that actually do not spill, even when turned upside down.


What do your dreams and goals include?

Fulfilling God’s intentions, whatever they may be.

Seeing my sons become godly men…who are functional adults (that don’t live in my house).

Helping as many women as possible to feel better in every way possible.

Traveling to all places warm.  And permanently living on an island.

Growing old with my husband.


Camping or hotel?



What are you currently reading in God’s Word?

Daniel.  I can’t get enough of it.  I want to dive back into history and watch it unfold.  It’s such an amazing book that gives us so much insight into Revelations.  I want my faith to be like Daniel’s!


Lover or Fighter?

I tend to be pretty stubborn, opinionated and strong-willed.  It tends to get me in trouble often.  I apologize often.  I prefer “assertive” and “passionate” as a candy-coated description of myself.




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