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Coach Jason: About Debbie

Who knows your Momsanity Coaches better than the ones married to them, right?  Emily and I asked our husbands 5 questions to give you better insight into who we really are!  Read what Coach Jason has to say about Debbie….
  1. In 5 Words or less what is it like to be married to Debbie?

Exciting, vivacious, a blessing


  1.  What’s one thing that people don’t know about Debbie?

If it was acceptable, all she would wear would be things with sequins and sparkles and only flip-flops


  1.  What drives Debbie crazy?

When anyone (especially kids) ask her a question when she has food in her mouth


  1. What is your favorite quality about Debbie?

Her beauty (inside and out)


  1.  What’s one thing that Coach Debbie needs to work on?

Not sweating the small stuff

Debbie & Jason Baisden Wedding Collection_500

  1.  How did you know you wanted to marry Coach Debbie?

I prayed a lot about it.  For the full story, see:

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  1. How did you and Coach Debbie meet?

We met through her late husband, Aaron, at church small group.


  1. If you could look ahead 5 years what would your lives look like?  

Both of us would have an even deeper relationship with Christ, a deeper relationship with each other and dealing with the craziness of high schoolers.  If Debbie had her wish, we would also be living in the Caribbean.


  1. What do you do for a living?

I work for a foundation.  I work with non-profit organizations in Western North Carolina to improve the quality of life and health for low-income community members.


  1. What makes Coach Debbie a great Mom?

Her deep and abiding love displayed each day in a myriad of ways.  From this source flows all the other things that make her a great mom.

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