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Coach Wiggy: About Emily

By Emily Saunders
Debbie and I were recently talking about how our husbands might respond to a series of questions we were asking each other and came up with a great idea.  Why not allow our readers to get to know us better through the eyes of our husbands?
They know us better than anyone and we asked for candid and honest answers.  These are candid and honest men so I think we’re all set on that!  That said, Wiggy is not the lengthiest in answering questions or telling stories so here we go….
Here goes:
1. In 5 Words or less what is it like to be married to Emily?
Blessed, Busy, Beautiful
2.  What’s one thing that people don’t know about Coach?
She has trouble parking at times
3.  What drives Emily crazy?
People not doing what they say they are going to do
4. What is your favorite quality about coach?
Diversity.  She is good at lots of things, likes to do different things, always keeps me guessing
5.  What’s one thing that Coach Emily needs to work on?
Parking – see # 2 🙂  Beyond that, she has gotten much better at learning to say NO to things and not take on everything.
6.  How did you know you wanted to marry Coach Emily?
She is my first love.  I knew that I was going to marry her about 2 weeks into dating.
7. How did you and Coach Emily meet? First time that we really hung out was at the Athlete’s Dance at Wake Forest freshman year.  I was wearing a walking boot, and my date didn’t like to dance, so I hobbled around with Emily (a great dancer).
8. If you could look ahead 5 years what would your lives look like?  
I don’t know, ask God.  My goals are to have a stronger marriage and better teamwork while trying to raise 3-4? kids.
9. What do you do for a living?
I’m an Integrative Medicine Physician.  I help people feel better by finding and fixing the root cause of disease and dysfunction rather than covering up symptoms with medications.
10. What makes Coach Emily a great Mom?
She loves our boys more than anything in the world.  She is always learning about ways that we can become better parents.  Keeps all of our lives organized.  Always has dinners and everything else prepared.  Should I keep going? 🙂
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