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Behind the Scenes: Debbie’s Disgusting Dilemma

by Coach Debbie

I have 4 sons who can be best described as:  loud, destructive, and violent.  They are not known for being clean, neat or tidy.

I am a busy career mom with multiple businesses and a home to run.  I want to make sure you never ever think I have my act together.  I want you to see just how real my need for Momsanity is.  Here is a behind-the-scenes look at the disgusting way we live.  No perfection, no order, no organization.  Get ready, it’s like an episode of Hoarders.


house gross VIII

Mini Van.  AKA “The Hangover.”  It’s like an apartment on wheels.


house gross III

Jason came up with a garage “organization system” that just about works.  Except when it doesn’t.  Each child has their own hooks and baskets but why make things look nice when you can be disgusting?


house gross II

What the what?!  This is the repulsive wall inside our pantry that resides next to the kitchen trash can.  Spills and stains are a really beautiful decoration.



house gross I

In addition to our supposed organization methods in the garage, we have the option to simply disrobe-and-drop coats and shoes.  Don’t bother putting stuff back where it belongs–there’s PLAYING to do!



house gross IV

It’s a modern-day trail of tears, isn’t it?  Hansel and Gretel want to make sure they can find their way in and out of the bedroom without getting lost.  What’s a washing machine?


house gross VI

Take a glimpse inside the closet of 7 year old twins.  Their mom prides herself on the fact that her kids “put away their clean laundry.”  Mom doesn’t seem to notice or care HOW these clean clothes are put away, so the most effective method is bunching up each item and cramming onto a hanger.


house gross VII

It was hard capturing just the right angle for a kid’s “clean” room.  Please note that this is not the worst it’s been. The “fun” really goes into overdrive when Mom looks in drawers and underneath dressers.


house gross V

This bathroom resembles a fraternity house bathroom.  I avoid this room at all costs as it smells worse than a gas station bathroom.  Why put trash INSIDE the trash can when you can just throw trash NEAR the trash can, am I right?


Tell me I’m not the only one.  Reassure me I’m not alone in this filthy family lifestyle.  Never show up to my house unannounced.

Your turn:  post a behind-the-scenes look at how gross your kids are!




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