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As busy Moms we do not have time to spend hours in the gym.  We offer an efficient and effective method of at home training that motivates Moms to workout smarter for real results.

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Home Fit: Behind the Scenes of My Home “Gym”

by Coach Debbie What I love about our Momsanity workouts is their speed, efficiency and convenience.  I do 20-minute workouts at home that burn fat while building muscle!  I don’t have or need a gym membership.  All I really truly need is my body and some weights; everything else is just “extra.”  Take a behind-the-scenes tour of my “home gym” ... Read More »

Squat Variations

by Coach Debbie Squats should be incorporated into your workouts on a regular basis because they are a powerful mom that works a lot of muscles!  When performing squats, your form is vital and must be perfect for each and every repetition to avoid injury.  When doing squats, you do not want to ever feel dizzy or nauseated, so listen ... Read More »

Navigating Flour Substitutes

By Emily Saunders We all KNOW that white flour isn’t fabulous for our waist-lines or our blood-sugar, but it sure can get confusing when we start trying to substitute lower carbohydrate and more nutritious options.   There is not a one sized fits all solution, but there are some great options that I recommend keeping on hand in your pantry. ... Read More »

Final BumpDate: The LAST month

By Emily Saunders Here we are at my final #bumpdate post and Baby Hutch is HERE!!!  I’m going to keep writing in this series, because many of you have asked me to.  You want to know about those first 3 months and how I handle them so I’m here to SHARE!!!   Look out for the new series #4thtrimester coming ... Read More »

Pregnancy Exercise Myths Debunked

By Emily Saunders Disclaimer:  Please be sure to discuss ALL exercise recommendations with your healthcare provider especially during pregnancy.  These are general guidelines and recommendations.  Every woman and every pregnancy is different.  Listen to YOUR body- it will tell you the truth.  Don’t be fearful of exercise- there is NO increased risk of pregnancy complications, miscarriage or the like with ... Read More »

7 EASY Crockpot Soups and Stews

By Emily Saunders It’s that time of year when warm soups and stews just taste wonderful after a cold winter day.  And the best part?  Soups and stews are typically super easy to throw together- even MORE so when you use your crockpot!! We’ve consulted some of our favorite fitness friends and fellow Fitfluential Ambassadors for their favorites and we’re ... Read More »

Get #onthewall with Momsanity

Get excited!  Over the next month, we’re going to slowly memorize Psalm 23 together.  How?  ON THE WALL.  That’s right, we’re going to do WALL SITS while learning God’s Word!  Don’t freak out, we’ll spend 28 days learning the 6 verses! WHAT IS A WALL SIT? Wall sits are a low-impact exercise move that you and your whole family can ... Read More »

BumpDate: 35 Weeks Pregnant

By Emily Saunders Can I just say that between Christmas, New Year’s and our Baby Moon the time is FLYING by?  Oh my gracious!!  Everyone SAYS that the time goes faster with #2 and beyond, but I didn’t realize just how fast.  I got my cast off just before Christmas (Thank you LORD) and wore a boot for two weeks. ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Amber Butler

I want you to meet Amber Butler, one of our Momsanity Sisters.  What I really want is for you to be able to actually hang out with her in person because she is a ray of sunshine to everyone around her.  She laughs a lot, encourages often, and has never met a stranger.  She a beautiful mom, inside and out, ... Read More »

Real Life Recipes- Turkey Taco Soup

By Emily Saunders The New Year is here and you’re on a health kick for your family right? You’re cleaning things up, preparing, clearing out your pantry, searching recipes, dusting off your gym equipment and the like. A few weeks ago one of my dear Mom friends sent me a text asking for ideas for last minute dinners when she ... Read More »

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