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As busy Moms we do not have time to spend hours in the gym.  We offer an efficient and effective method of at home training that motivates Moms to workout smarter for real results.

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First Month $1- 3 Day Sale

The kids are back to school and schedules are back in sync.  There is no more sleeping in (as if you ever do that anyway- you’re a MOM) and the regimen is back. What a perfect time to commit to MOM’s healthy goals not only for yourself but also for your FAMILY! We hear from a lot of moms who ... Read More »

September Strolling: FREE CHALLENGE

By Emily Saunders Leisure walking… some love it, some hate it.  I’ve found that most people who “hate it” actually don’t do it very often.  Those who have created the habit- they love it.  They use the time to spend with God in nature or just as a quiet time to clear their mind, or a time to chat with ... Read More »

Nutrition Tip: BCAAs

By Kate Horney I personally don’t use many, but one supplement I’ve come to love are BCAAs. For a busy Moms, BCAA supplements do wonders to help fight both hunger AND cravings… and they’re great for fat loss as well! Check out some benefits… —BCAAs lower cortisol. —BCAAs balance brain chemistry. —BCAAs control hunger. A photo posted by Kate Horney | ... Read More »

A Day in the Life: Weekend Fitness

How do I fit fitness into my daily life?  I value family time, so as a busy mom, I try to make the most of the moments we have together.  I’m not a big fan of going to the gym, in fact, I prefer to get my workouts in at home, so on the weekends, we make FITNESS a FAMILY ... Read More »

Guest Post: Balance & Joy — Discovering This Runner’s Trail

Momsanity Sister Jessica Moorefield shares her very raw, very real journey with fitness….. I grew up a runner.  I was a fairly “sporty” kid, tomboyish, I guess, played soccer on an otherwise all-boys team, loved to get involved in any physical challenge that presented itself.  My mom ran, my older brother ran – it was natural that I join those ... Read More »

Want to Jump Rope?

By Emily Saunders I didn’t love jumping rope as a kid.  In fact I was pretty terrible at it so I never picked one up after about 5th grade.  A few years ago my friend Tara started jump roping at home as an alternative form of cardio.  I ordered on on Amazon and low and behond here we are a ... Read More »

Coach Debbie, The Hangover, Laziness, and White Chocolate

What does the inside of your mini-van look like? One of my babysitters says it looks like “The Hangover” and she is so right.  It’s embarrassingly disgusting at all times.  The front passenger side is filled with so much stuff like protein powder and fleece jackets and water bottles; the back is often loaded with hundreds of pounds of dumbbells.  ... Read More »

Summer Fitness Tips for Busy Moms

By Kate Horney Summer time can be a challenge when it comes to fitting in your fitness.  From travels to summer BBQs- it’s tempting to find excuses for a vacation from both exercise and nutrition. But if you want to look good (and more importantly- FEEL GREAT!) this summer, it’s important to find ways to make healthy choices even in the ... Read More »

Sister Story: Pick Up Your Mat

By Momsanity Sister Leah Harvey Note from Coach Emily:  Sometimes God puts people in our paths that we are MEANT to meet.  That’s how I feel about Leah.  She is one of our fabulous “not a Mom yet” Momsanity Sisters and we love her to pieces.  God crossed our paths through mutual friends and we just so happened to be ... Read More »

Coach Emily… A Day in The Life

By Emily Saunders Isn’t it funny how much we love to learn about other people’s “business”?  I mean, I’m not a particularly nosy person myself, but it’s always interesting to hear about how other people live and spend their time.  I’m documenting today for you in play by play fashion!  Enjoy!  It aint’ fancy but I hope you find it ... Read More »

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