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Our ultimate purpose is to serve the Lord as we care for our families and communities.  Our mission is to work through God and for God to further His kingdom on Earth.

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Hutch William: The Crazy Birth Story

By Emily Saunders At Momsanity we like things that are quick and efficient- workouts, meals… and childbirth!  I had planned a second water birth as I loved my first experience, but things went differently this time… I had a baby Momsanity style in triage (but thankfully not on the interstate). I woke up on February 18th with lots of energy. ... Read More »

Final BumpDate: The LAST month

By Emily Saunders Here we are at my final #bumpdate post and Baby Hutch is HERE!!!  I’m going to keep writing in this series, because many of you have asked me to.  You want to know about those first 3 months and how I handle them so I’m here to SHARE!!!   Look out for the new series #4thtrimester coming ... Read More »

My Favorite Christian Books

by Coach Debbie I thought it’d be a fun idea to share my absolute favorite Christian books that have really impacted my walk with The Lord.  I am going to be very honest with you: I do not read very often, especially now that I have kids.  I just have such limited time.  That’s the first thing I need to ... Read More »

Get #onthewall with Momsanity

Get excited!  Over the next month, we’re going to slowly memorize Psalm 23 together.  How?  ON THE WALL.  That’s right, we’re going to do WALL SITS while learning God’s Word!  Don’t freak out, we’ll spend 28 days learning the 6 verses! WHAT IS A WALL SIT? Wall sits are a low-impact exercise move that you and your whole family can ... Read More »

The Story of Us (Part 4) by Coach Jason: Debbie Breaks the Speed Limit

By Jason Baisden The Story of Us Part 1 The Story of Us Part 2 The Story of Us Part 3               If you, dear reader, have journeyed this far with me then you will have some sense of the underlying dynamics to our relationship.  Early on I was barreling down the road at ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Amber Butler

I want you to meet Amber Butler, one of our Momsanity Sisters.  What I really want is for you to be able to actually hang out with her in person because she is a ray of sunshine to everyone around her.  She laughs a lot, encourages often, and has never met a stranger.  She a beautiful mom, inside and out, ... Read More »

Don’t Be a CHEAP Wife

By Cindy Wood- Encouraging Pastor’s Wife, Fabulous Mom, and Momsanity Sister  Thank you Cindy for sharing your wisdom with us! We all have that one item we spend extra on just because it’s that good! Maybe for you it is a particular brand of peanut butter or a salon shampoo you cannot live without. But we all know times can ... Read More »

Bucket List for Moms

by Coach Debbie Forget New Year’s Resolutions.  They fade within 6 weeks and leave us feeling guilty and defeated.  Instead, let’s focus on FUN stuff!  I’ve created a Bucket List for Moms that’s honestly my bucket list but I thought you might want to conquer laundry too.   BUCKET LIST FOR MOMS   Order prints for all digital pictures on ... Read More »

10 Days of Momsanity: Get UNstuck!

by Coach Debbie               Growing up my nickname was “Little Debbie” and I like to think it was due to my sweet-as-oatmeal-cream-pie personality.  HA.  I always liked that nickname (and oatmeal cream pies) except for that time a boy in my neighborhood yelled, “Hey Little Debbie, got a snack for me?”  Boys…yuck. As irony ... Read More »

A Time to Savor

  by Emily Saunders Here we are on Christmas Eve with the anticipation of so many things resting on tonight’s clock tick to midnight. We have the opportunity to celebrate our sweet Savior’s birth! Our children are full of excitement for all things Christmas that will happen tomorrow! There is hope and joy and sweetness lingering in the air! Christmas ... Read More »

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