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Our ultimate purpose is to serve the Lord as we care for our families and communities.  Our mission is to work through God and for God to further His kingdom on Earth.

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Get Ready for 10 Days of Momsanity!

by Coach Debbie Last week 2 of my 4 kids took foreverrrrrr in the store.  I had told them they had a couple of minutes which became 10 minutes.  So to teach them that when I say be quick I mean BE QUICK, I drove to a nearby parking lot, parked my crumb-packed mini-van and told those 2 kids to ... Read More »

BumpDate: 29 Weeks Pregnant

By Emily Saunders Here we grow!!  My biggest revelation this month is how FAST everything is going!  Am I really going to have a baby in just over 2 months? Weight Gain: 14 ish pounds Food Cravings:  Chocolate!  I eat dark chocolate and chocolate protein shakes to help keep things balanced.  I also feel like I need more fat so I’ve ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Anna Harper

I’ve known Momsanity Sister Anna Harper since we were 9 YEARS OLD!  She is so sweet and kind and you will love learning about her and her journey, and likely feel like you too have known her forever. My name is Anna. And I’m a recovering sweet tea addict. That’s right. Two years ago I couldn’t drive past a Chick-fil-a ... Read More »

The Gift of Hope

          A Guest Post from Sarah Ann at Faith Along the Way The Christmas tunes were blaring as I rolled home from Black Friday shopping, my car loaded with purchases for loved ones. Still basking in the glow of the Thanksgiving festivities from the day before, satiated in both spirit and stomach, I was feeling deeply ... Read More »

Who Cares about Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh?!

by Coach Debbie   “…they saw the child with his mother Mary, and they bowed down and worshiped him.  Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold and of incense and of myrrh.”  Matthew 2:11 You’re already considering reading no further, aren’t you?  Because you’ve heard this story plenty o’ times and maybe even have a ... Read More »

Holiday Cravings: Tips for How to Deal

By Emily Saunders  We’re right in the throes of those weeks of the year where eating anything and everything “because it’s the holidays” is not only acceptable, but it’s encouraged.  To avoid Granny’s pumpkin pie or noodle casserole might get you a few eye rolls or, worse yet, negative comments.  Combine that with the overabundance of food EVERYWHERE and the ... Read More »

Bumpdate: 25 Weeks Pregnant

By Emily Saunders Notes:  My bump is way higher and rounder this time.  When I was pregnant with Adler I carried really really low- Baby #2 has a cuter bump for sure Weight Gain: 12  ish pounds. Food Cravings:  Nuts and Trail Mix and sometimes chocolate! Like really good dark chocolate.  Still get sick if I have much sugar so fortunately ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Renna Welborn, Career Mom

Renna Welborn is one of our sweetest Momsanity Sisters, literally.  As a bakery owner and mom, she lets us peek into her world of maintaining balance with work and motherhood.  She makes it look easy, so let’s learn from her insights! How do I juggle Motherhood and a Career?? As a mother of 2 kids (Kate age 3 and Renna ... Read More »

5 Important Truths to Transform Your Parenting

A guest post from Sarah Ann at Faith Along the Way 1. You’re not perfect.  As moms, we try to feign some resemblance of perfection.  We are so desperate for other women to think we excel at motherhood, and we put on a mask of perfection that prohibits others from seeing our true selves. When we take off the mask ... Read More »

Are You In A Pit?

by Coach Debbie Let me interrogate you for a quick minute. If you had to pick a game show to describe your upbringing, would it be Family Feud?  Did (or do) you and your siblings have friction due to pride, jealousy, or anger? Are you in a really dark time in your life, feeling hopeless or abandoned or like all ... Read More »

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