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Get Ready for 10 Days of Momsanity!

by Coach Debbie

10 days momsanity

Last week 2 of my 4 kids took foreverrrrrr in the store.  I had told them they had a couple of minutes which became 10 minutes.  So to teach them that when I say be quick I mean BE QUICK, I drove to a nearby parking lot, parked my crumb-packed mini-van and told those 2 kids to start running sprints until I said stop.  I kindly spared them 10 minutes of sprinting but my message was loud and clear:  OBEY or PAY.


After this sprint session, as everyone is barreling down the road in our “apartment-on-wheels,” 2 of my 4 kids start bickering.  I said stop (OBEY) but they chose to fight on (PAY).  We got home and I found a shirt that became their Get-Along Shirt; the 2 fighters had to fit both of their bodies inside of 1 shirt.  They could do whatever they wanted but must wear the shirt until their friendship was restored.  It took them 10 minutes to walk up a staircase.  After an hour (of me blasting techno music to drown out the yelling), they were calm and content and had developed a system for moving and playing.

get along shirt








I know you have stories of being on the VERGE too, right?



Hey Mom, do you know how freaking incredible you are?!

You are juggling motherhood mania, carpool craziness, homework harassment, work woes, obligation overload, errand exhaustion, chore challenges and wifely weariness.  Maybe you’ve had it up to HERE and those kids are skating on THIN ICE.  We are right there with you.

Enter our 10 DAYS OF MOMSANITY – because ALL moms need more SANITY!

Over the next 10 days we are going to bring you fantastic ideas that will make you a SANE MOM (or at least a little less crazy)!  In order to get all of this FREE goodness sent to your inbox, you’ll need to click HERE.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Time-saving tips for busy moms!  (I have yet to meet a mom who has tons of free time!)
  • Ways to make motherhood easier!  (It’s not rocket-science but it is the hardest job in existence!)
  • Strategies for supporting your husband! (Remember that guy at the altar while you wore a veil?)
  • Ways to prioritize God every day! (We exist by and for Him!)
  • How to make the most of fast workouts!  (Effective exercise done at home with kids everywhere!)
  • Information on weights vs cardio! (Science is simplified so you can get stronger and leaner!)
  • Help with cravings! (No white-knuckling needed!)
  • Simplifying family meals! (“Mooommmmmm, what’s for dinner?” is answered in minutes!)


2016 is the year of MOMSANITY!  

Click HERE to receive our 10 Days of Momsanity!



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