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Home Fit: Behind the Scenes of My Home “Gym”

by Coach Debbie

What I love about our Momsanity workouts is their speed, efficiency and convenience.  I do 20-minute workouts at home that burn fat while building muscle!  I don’t have or need a gym membership.  All I really truly need is my body and some weights; everything else is just “extra.”  Take a behind-the-scenes tour of my “home gym” equipment!


fitness equipment dumbbell

fitness equipment dumbbells








I lead group workouts which is why I have SO many weights in my garage.  I like to use a variety of sizes based on the moves I’m doing.  Coach Emily and I have filmed countless Sisterhood workouts using these weights!  We encourage women to lift challenging enough weights that boost the metabolism and result in a tight, lean body.




fitness equipment mat

I loooooove my old decrepit workout mat.  It’s actually a REALLY thick camping mat that cannot roll like most mats.  It’s so cushioned for my elbows, knees and booty.  It’s sentimental because it belonged to my late husband.




fitness equipment tech gadgets

I’m technologically in the dark, so I keep my workouts simple.  I use a free interval app so I don’t have to watch a clock as I sweat.  I’m addicted to my wireless speaker that lets me workout anywhere with techno music, including outside in God’s creation.  I have a Gym Boss interval timer, which is especially helpful for TABATA workouts.  And that tiny green thing is a Ring Cozy which protects my rings while I lift heavy metal.




fitness equipment sliders

My latest workout tool is our awesome Momsanity Exercise Sliders.  Lightweight and portable, they look sweet and innocent until you start using them!  Effective for full-body moves that remove the impact that other exercises have.



fitness equipment medicine balls

In my garage I keep 2 weighted balls to change up my workouts.  One is 4 pounds and I use it next-to-never (my group workouts play hot potato with it) and the other is a 25 pound beast.  Nothing releases stress like a good ball slam to concrete!




fitness equipment ab roller

This is no infomercial, peeps.  I actually own and use this Ab Roller every now and then when I want to crush my core.  Another deceptively “easy” move will leave you sore for days.  I call it the Wheel of Fortune.



fitness equipment ankle weights

I don’t own a Thigh Master, but I do have adjustable ankle / wrist weights.  They take a couple of minutes to situate, but they’re great for moves that are typically body-weight-only for that increased resistance!



fitness equipment post workout relief

The old gray mare ain’t what she used to be.  These 3 gems are for POST workout relief.  I have a smooth foam roller, a Thera Crane, and a lumpy bumpy Addaday roller (which I keep in my mini van to use while I wait to pick up my kids after school).  Doing regular exercise is a stress to the body and soreness is a natural consequence.  Plus, I have SI joint problems and sciatica issues, so I am always uncomfortable.  These poor man’s massage devices bring some relief so I don’t always walk like a baby giraffe.



To recap, all I really and truly need is my body and some dumbbells.  Those are my top priority.  The rest of these are just icing on the cake!  

What exercise equipment do YOU love?





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