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Last-Minute Easter Ideas for the Slacker Mom!

by Coach Debbie

Hey slacker mom, welcome to my world!  I don’t even remember it’s Easter until, well, a couple of days before.  Now I’m out of time and still want to teach the kiddos about Jesus’ Resurrection!  Are you with me, slacker mom?  If you’re a Pinterest mom, that’s cool too.  You can do a full-blown Easter extravaganza, but for the rest of us, let’s just throw stuff together really quickly and still look like a mediocre mom.  Just kidding, you really do rock.

I looked high and low for some easy and absolutely doable ideas for you and your family to enjoy this Easter (no bunnies involved)!  Trust me, I filtered out the crazy and involved ideas.  Since “7” is the perfect number, here are your 7 ways to pretend you had this planned all along:

1.  Empty Tomb Rolls.

I went ahead and did the Pinterest research for you and found the ones with the fewest ingredients!  FYI, this is not a fat-loss friendly recipe, but looks so super cute and easy.  You will need to get to the store the day before Easter.

Super Slacker Recipe (2 ingredients):

Regular Slacker Recipe (3 ingredients):

2.  Sin Rocks.  Oh that doesn’t sound right at all!  Sins on a Rock!

I stole this idea, with permission, from some of our Momsanity Sisterhood girls (they’re named Jaime and Stevie)

Jaime said, “We take some time Good Friday to write down our sins onto a handful of stones. Each family member has a few stones. My boys are 5, 3, and 1, so it is VERY basic at this point (lying, not obeying, hitting my brother etc), but my husband and I participate too and try to use it as a time of age-appropriate confession with our boys, particularly in areas where we have failed them (losing our patience, speaking in anger, etc). We write our sins on the stones and put them in a designated spot and cover them up. We talk about how Jesus took our sins on the cross, etc. Then Easter morning, the stones have been replaced with a small basket/treat (from US, not the Easter bunny…the boys know this). Then we talk about how Christ takes our sins and our ugliness and gives us new life and all good things in their place if we follow Him in faith and repentance.”

Stevie says, “We go out and pick up a few rocks for each boy. Then we come in and talk about our sins, and write a sin on each rock. (Hitting, talking back, taking toys etc.) Then we talk about Ezekiel 36:26 hearts of stone to hearts of flesh. (I also pray this over the boys so they hear this scripture a lot!) We than place the rocks in their Easter baskets and cover it with a red piece of fabric (Jesus’ blood, he takes our sins and in return gives us the gift of salvation). The next morning when they wake up the fabric is gone and their baskets are filled with goodies.”

3.  YouTube.  Yeah, YouTube.

Are you a slacker mom or NOT?!  Once again, your pal Debbie watched many a video for you.  I pick these two for you and your little bunnies to enjoy (yes, they are very short):

4.  Washing Away Sins

This is a cool science experiment with hardly any effort at all.  Your kids get to see how Jesus erases our sins completely.

5.  Red Dot Prayer

After your kids hear and know the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, grab a red permanent marker.  Mark the center of each of their palms with a red dot.  The dot serves as a reminder that Jesus died for THEIR sins and it also reminds kids to say a prayer of thanks each time you see your palm.  It’s good to be a slacker mom.

6.  If your kids are into Egg Hunting, stuff each egg with a verse or a description of Jesus.  Here are example phrases:

7.  Play-By-Play.

This takes all day but I promise it’s easy and cool.

Okay, slacker moms: unite!  

Make sure to share this post with other last-minute moms, okay?


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