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Sister Spotlight: Stevie Robertson

Stevie Robertson is one of our Momsanity Sisterhood members who truly loves the Lord in a way that was strengthened through a lot of really tough losses.  Her story has been lived out with such grace and fierce faith that we had to share it with you.  May her words bring encouragement and hope. As a little girl, I dreamed ... Read More »

Milk Substitutes: How to Choose

By Emily Saunders In recent years more and more people have figured out that their bodies do not love cow’s milk.  We are becoming more and more aware of both food allergies and sensitivities and unfortunately dairy is the 2nd most common food allergen.  Many people misunderstand food sensitivities and think that consuming an allergenic food will cause an anaphalactic ... Read More »

Coach Jason: About Debbie

Who knows your Momsanity Coaches better than the ones married to them, right?  Emily and I asked our husbands 5 questions to give you better insight into who we really are!  Read what Coach Jason has to say about Debbie…. In 5 Words or less what is it like to be married to Debbie? Exciting, vivacious, a blessing    What’s ... Read More »

Coach Wiggy: About Emily

By Emily Saunders Debbie and I were recently talking about how our husbands might respond to a series of questions we were asking each other and came up with a great idea.  Why not allow our readers to get to know us better through the eyes of our husbands? They know us better than anyone and we asked for candid ... Read More »

10 Ways to Get Fit for Summer!

by Coach Debbie Summer is coming and waiting until the pool opens is not going to be your game plan this year!  Start making choices today that will lead to a fitter, more confident you, so that this anticipated season is fully enjoyed.  I realize that you are juggling a lot on a daily basis.  Here are 10 easy ways to ... Read More »

The Blessing of Raising a Difficult Child

By Sarah Ann from Faith Along the Way As a veteran teacher, I just knew I would never parent the out-of-control child.  An expert at parenting before I was even a mom, I admit I was smug in my ability to raise children who were obedient, good citizens and who loved the Lord. Boy, did God have other plans for ... Read More »

Babies in My Womb (part 2): TWINS!

by Coach Debbie Click HERE to read part 1 of “Babies in My Womb” A quick recap.  My now late husband and I had 2 boys in 16 months, followed by 2 early miscarriages, then news that we were expecting identical twins BOYS (four boys, oh my!). When asked if they were conceived naturally, I always respond that they were ... Read More »

The 4th Trimester: 8 New Mom Must Haves

By Emily Saunders I can’t tell you how many times I’ve recently been asked about my New Mom must haves over the past couple of months SO here we go.  I’ve got a bunch but I’m going to share my absolute favorites with you.  The most important thing for me is a good quality and portable breast pump.  I pumped ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Amber Etoniru

Amber Etoniru is our Sister Spotlight and you should hear the HILARIOUS things her kids say all the time!  This hard-working mom of four wanted to “quit life” but has grown in her walk with the Lord and now embraces the possibility of joining a biker gang. “Mom, I try to be good in school, but I just don’t like ... Read More »

The Whats and Whys of BCAAs

  By Emily Saunders If you’ve done much supplement research in the health and fitness world then you’ve likely heard of BCAAs which stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids.  Sounds complex right? Since you’re a busy Mom who is probably already doing science homework with your kids I’m going to break it down for you quickly and simply WHAT are ... Read More »

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