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Lazy, Unconcerned and Stupid

by Coach Debbie Preface: Reader, I know you considered not clicking the link to read this because you have stuff to do today.  In case you’re pressed for time, and only have time to read this in the bathroom, just read the last paragraph and be on your way.  For those with 2.5 minutes, read on… “Be still and know ... Read More »

Spring Recipe Round Up

By Emily Saunders It’s time for another Recipe Round Up as we  dive into SPRING!  We asked some of our fellow Fitfluential ambassadors to share their favorite recipes with us and today we’re sharing with YOU!   Quick and Easy Spiralized Carrot Salad from Sprint2TheTable Healthy Carrot Cake Doughnuts from Healthy Helper  (Try these with NP Pro and Coconut Yogurt ... Read More »

Squat Variations

by Coach Debbie Squats should be incorporated into your workouts on a regular basis because they are a powerful mom that works a lot of muscles!  When performing squats, your form is vital and must be perfect for each and every repetition to avoid injury.  When doing squats, you do not want to ever feel dizzy or nauseated, so listen ... Read More »

What In the World is a Doula?

By Emily Saunders “What in the world is a doula?” I’ve heard that question far more than a handful of times throughout my pregnancies so it’s time to share the details! I have the pleasure of working with a fantastic doula during both of my pregnancies and it is my pleasure to introduce to you, Kenny Shulman CD (DONA) to ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Laurie Vinson

Laurie Vinson and I went to college together and our lives have reconnected now that we are moms! During our days at Appalachian State University, Laurie’s love for Christ was obvious (and contagious). I admire her so much. Read how she so beautifully offers herself to the Lord in parenting, in homeschooling, in life. Beautiful Offerings What’s your foundry? A foundry is ... Read More »

The Epidemic of the Weak Man

A Guest Post from Sarah at Faith Along the Way Looking out my window, I see that spring has arrived.  I love watching new plants emerge from the soil and old favorites bloom after a season of dormancy. Soon those fledgling plants will grow tall and strong, with a sturdy stem and deep, hearty roots. With a little TLC, these ... Read More »

Recipe: Cha Cha Chocolate Protein Shake

by Coach Debbie Too many moms are lying to themselves.  Either they are “too busy” to eat and/or healthy food tastes gross.  The fact is, you are not too busy to eat.  You are busy, but there is time to eat.  Momsanity is all about quick, convenient meals that satisfy for hours.  Do you have 3 minutes?  Great, you just ... Read More »

Hutch William: The Crazy Birth Story

By Emily Saunders At Momsanity we like things that are quick and efficient- workouts, meals… and childbirth!  I had planned a second water birth as I loved my first experience, but things went differently this time… I had a baby Momsanity style in triage (but thankfully not on the interstate). I woke up on February 18th with lots of energy. ... Read More »

Navigating Flour Substitutes

By Emily Saunders We all KNOW that white flour isn’t fabulous for our waist-lines or our blood-sugar, but it sure can get confusing when we start trying to substitute lower carbohydrate and more nutritious options.   There is not a one sized fits all solution, but there are some great options that I recommend keeping on hand in your pantry. ... Read More »

Behind the Scenes: Debbie’s Disgusting Dilemma

by Coach Debbie I have 4 sons who can be best described as:  loud, destructive, and violent.  They are not known for being clean, neat or tidy. I am a busy career mom with multiple businesses and a home to run.  I want to make sure you never ever think I have my act together.  I want you to see ... Read More »

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