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Final BumpDate: The LAST month

By Emily Saunders Here we are at my final #bumpdate post and Baby Hutch is HERE!!!  I’m going to keep writing in this series, because many of you have asked me to.  You want to know about those first 3 months and how I handle them so I’m here to SHARE!!!   Look out for the new series #4thtrimester coming ... Read More »

RECIPE: Pork, Pear and Walnut Salad

by Coach Debbie Momsanity is all about fast meals that taste good but don’t wreck the waistline!  Try this ultra tasty Pork, Pear and Walnut salad! Recipe: PORK, PEAR AND WALNUT SALAD INGREDIENTS: 1 tbsp coconut oil 1 lb pork tenderloin, cut into 1 inch cubes 1 tbsp chopped fresh parsley 1 tsp garlic powder 1 (10 oz) bag fresh ... Read More »

A Letter to My First-Born

By Emily Saunders I’m an only child.  It makes this precarious transition from Mom of 1 to Mom of 2 even more tumultuous as my brain and heart think about everything that’s about to take place. I didn’t ever have to “share” my parents with anyone (well… I take that back… there were always friends and family members at our ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Carla Ledford

Carla Ledford is our Momsanity Sister Spotlight and I smile throughout her honest writing.  She is so real and doesn’t candy-coat her journey.  This homeschooling mother of 5 is ultra busy and very candid. I am Carla, and like you, I wear lots of hats.  I am a church planter’s wife.  Mom of five, ages 10yrs – 10 months. Homeschool ... Read More »

Pregnancy Exercise Myths Debunked

By Emily Saunders Disclaimer:  Please be sure to discuss ALL exercise recommendations with your healthcare provider especially during pregnancy.  These are general guidelines and recommendations.  Every woman and every pregnancy is different.  Listen to YOUR body- it will tell you the truth.  Don’t be fearful of exercise- there is NO increased risk of pregnancy complications, miscarriage or the like with ... Read More »

My Favorite Christian Books

by Coach Debbie I thought it’d be a fun idea to share my absolute favorite Christian books that have really impacted my walk with The Lord.  I am going to be very honest with you: I do not read very often, especially now that I have kids.  I just have such limited time.  That’s the first thing I need to ... Read More »

7 EASY Crockpot Soups and Stews

By Emily Saunders It’s that time of year when warm soups and stews just taste wonderful after a cold winter day.  And the best part?  Soups and stews are typically super easy to throw together- even MORE so when you use your crockpot!! We’ve consulted some of our favorite fitness friends and fellow Fitfluential Ambassadors for their favorites and we’re ... Read More »

Get #onthewall with Momsanity

Get excited!  Over the next month, we’re going to slowly memorize Psalm 23 together.  How?  ON THE WALL.  That’s right, we’re going to do WALL SITS while learning God’s Word!  Don’t freak out, we’ll spend 28 days learning the 6 verses! WHAT IS A WALL SIT? Wall sits are a low-impact exercise move that you and your whole family can ... Read More »

Where The Toxins Hide…

By Emily Saunders I’m what might be known as a little bit “crunchy” when it comes to the products and food I choose for my family. I don’t wear Birkenstocks (although I like them) nor do I burn incense in my house (I think I would burn it down), but I’m kind of passionate about healthy living.  I mean, can ... Read More »

The Story of Us (Part 4) by Coach Jason: Debbie Breaks the Speed Limit

By Jason Baisden The Story of Us Part 1 The Story of Us Part 2 The Story of Us Part 3               If you, dear reader, have journeyed this far with me then you will have some sense of the underlying dynamics to our relationship.  Early on I was barreling down the road at ... Read More »

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