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We believe that there is no one right way to parent and aspire to create a community of Moms that supports and nurtures one another through the Motherhood journey.

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Sister Spotlight: Amber Etoniru

Amber Etoniru is our Sister Spotlight and you should hear the HILARIOUS things her kids say all the time!  This hard-working mom of four wanted to “quit life” but has grown in her walk with the Lord and now embraces the possibility of joining a biker gang. “Mom, I try to be good in school, but I just don’t like ... Read More »

The Whats and Whys of BCAAs

  By Emily Saunders If you’ve done much supplement research in the health and fitness world then you’ve likely heard of BCAAs which stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids.  Sounds complex right? Since you’re a busy Mom who is probably already doing science homework with your kids I’m going to break it down for you quickly and simply WHAT are ... Read More »

Babies in My Womb (part 1)

by Coach Debbie I was sitting on the couch at my in-laws’ house and suddenly had the urge to vomit.   Confused, I bolted to the bathroom and wondered what in the world I had eaten.   It was this fleeting moment that I dismissed and went about my week.  Until I felt like barfing yet again.  I didn’t go to Yale ... Read More »

Postpartum Fitness

By Emily Saunders As a new mom to two I am asked regularly about the things I’m doing to get back into shape and how to lose weight post-baby.  I will tell you right now that there is no magic pill or formula and that I truly believe that the WORST thing a new mom can do is cut out ... Read More »

Bible Resources for Full Hands

By Emily Saunders I had just plopped down on the couch with all of the tools necessary to nurse my son.  After a minute or two I spotted my Bible across the room.  I really really wanted to dig into it in that moment, but it just wasn’t practical to do so.  Plus I had no where to easily set it down ... Read More »

14 Things Moms Actually Want for Mother’s Day

by Coach Debbie   Too many moms are getting lame flowers and cheap candy for Mother’s Day.  It’s bonkers.  We are woken up at dawn to eat Cheerios with olives that our 5 year old made for us.  We love the title of Mommy but we sometimes need a freaking breather already.  Instead of taking the whole family out for ... Read More »

Preventing Sickness: Elderberry

By Momsanity Sister Cheryl Borchardt of Healing the Homestead Have you heard of elderberry? I first discovered it a few years ago when I was researching flu prevention and alternatives to antiviral medications, which can have some unpleasant side effects. Traditionally, elderberries were valued among the Indians of North America and have been used in folk medicine practices for a plethora of ailments.  You ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Kate Hicks

Kate Hicks is one of our incredible Momsanity Sisters who naturally encourages others around her as she so patiently parents her 2 sweet children.  Enjoy reading how the Lord has changed her both physically and in her motherhood journey!  She’s definitely a “passionate life grabber”!   Hi y’all!  I am Kate and I am child of God, wife, mom, friend, ... Read More »

Breastfeeding: 10 Things No One Tells You

By Emily Saunders This one’s for the new Moms and Moms-to-Be out there.  There’s a lot of mom stuff (hello bladder issues) that no one talks about- especially when it comes to breastfeeding.  I’m going to start this post by sharing that I am NOT a lactation consultant, mid-wife, doula or anything else that requires training on breastfeeding.  I’m just ... Read More »

Surviving New Motherhood

By Emily Saunders I can’t believe it’s already been a month since Baby Hutch was born!  It’s been wild and beautiful and wonderful and so hard and emotional and overwhelming.  SO many emotions.  When I was preparing for Baby #2 I thought about what I did well when I had my first son and what I wanted to do differently ... Read More »

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