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We believe that there is no one right way to parent and aspire to create a community of Moms that supports and nurtures one another through the Motherhood journey.

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25 Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

by Coach Debbie   How would you rate your conversations with family as you enjoy turkey and stuffing?  Are there fights?  Awkward silences?  Superficial topics like the weather?  Let’s avoid the dread and get excited about what we can happily discuss around the table this year! I’ve come up with 25 Crowd-Pleasing Conversation Starters to make the whole family laugh ... Read More »

Bumpdate: 25 Weeks Pregnant

By Emily Saunders Notes:  My bump is way higher and rounder this time.  When I was pregnant with Adler I carried really really low- Baby #2 has a cuter bump for sure Weight Gain: 12  ish pounds. Food Cravings:  Nuts and Trail Mix and sometimes chocolate! Like really good dark chocolate.  Still get sick if I have much sugar so fortunately ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Renna Welborn, Career Mom

Renna Welborn is one of our sweetest Momsanity Sisters, literally.  As a bakery owner and mom, she lets us peek into her world of maintaining balance with work and motherhood.  She makes it look easy, so let’s learn from her insights! How do I juggle Motherhood and a Career?? As a mother of 2 kids (Kate age 3 and Renna ... Read More »

5 Important Truths to Transform Your Parenting

A guest post from Sarah Ann at Faith Along the Way 1. You’re not perfect.  As moms, we try to feign some resemblance of perfection.  We are so desperate for other women to think we excel at motherhood, and we put on a mask of perfection that prohibits others from seeing our true selves. When we take off the mask ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Jennifer McBride’s Cancer Diagnosis

Jennifer McBride is one of our vibrant Momsanity Sisters who was diagnosed with breast cancer in December.  How bold of her to be willing to share the daily realities of coping with all that accompanies breast cancer. Since October is Breast Cancer awareness month, I thought I would share my story.  So let me get this off my chest…. On ... Read More »

Guest Blog: Isn’t It Just Like God by Amanda Wright

Amanda Wright of A. Wright Fit is a fitness and nutrition enthusiast who loves God.  She openly shares her journey of SURRENDER.   Hey Momsanity readers!  It’s such a pleasure to get the chance to share my testimony and story of how my Fitness led me to my Faith and now my Faith has redefined my Fitness!   I wanted to share ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Melanie White’s “Melife”

Melanie White is one of our dear Momsanity Sisters who has always been a very authentic woman who openly shares her journey with others. Season to season I never seemed to enjoy looking back on special memories. What exactly do I mean? Well, I allowed my happiness be determined and judged by my outward appearance. This way of life was ... Read More »

BumpDate: 20 Weeks Pregnant

By Emily Saunders Notes:  People KNOW I’m pregnant now- even strangers.  It’s fun!  Comparing pictures with Adler though- MAN is my belly bigger this go round.  Weight gain is the same- belly is bigger. Weight Gain: 9 ish pounds. Food Cravings:  I crave sugar but it makes me sick.  Other than that I have very few cravings.  I’m back to eating ... Read More »

Rainbows: God’s Promise

by Coach Debbie I have so much to share with you and wish you could see me tucked in my bed, with my open Bible and a lot of bookmarks on one side, and my pen with scribbled notes on the other.  My head is actually begging for aspirin as it works much faster than my fingers can type.  The ... Read More »

Mom’s Wake-Up Call: A Guest Post from Triad Moms on Main

By Katie Moosbrugger, co-founder of Triad Moms on Main When this school year began, it brought about a big change in our house. This is a change I’ve been dreading since my daughter started school six years ago. I knew this day was coming and I couldn’t ignore the looming deadline. I started to prepare my mind and body as ... Read More »

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