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We believe that each woman’s body has unique nutritional needs and aspire to provide the information and tools necessary to implement life-long healthy lifestyles.  We are Moms that are fueling our bodies to serve our God, our families and our communities.

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Sister Spotlight: Elizabeth Schaaf

Momsanity Sister Elizabeth Schaaf is the kind of girl I can’t say enough good things about.  Lots of personality and spunk with such a big heart!  She is really easy to like and you’ll feel as if you’ve known her ten years.  Read how she now views her body through the lens of God…. I’m staring at forty.  Staring hard.  ... Read More »

Breaking The Chains of Food Addiction

Thanks to  Sarah Ann from Faith Along the Way for sharing her story with us.  She is so transparent and wise and fun to work with in our Momsanity Sisterhood!  Food addiction is no joke, but God uses hard things to bring us closer to Him and sometimes that hard thing is food. Signs of food addiction Food addicts often…. ... Read More »

Summer Grilling!

By Emily Saunders Summer is here and it’s time to fire up the grill!  My favorite part:  NO kitchen to clean up and you can literally grill anything!!!  Yes grilled chicken is yummy, but why not mix it up a bit from the normal chicken and steak. My personal FAVORITE is super easy.  We get thick cut lean pork chops ... Read More »

Milk Substitutes: How to Choose

By Emily Saunders In recent years more and more people have figured out that their bodies do not love cow’s milk.  We are becoming more and more aware of both food allergies and sensitivities and unfortunately dairy is the 2nd most common food allergen.  Many people misunderstand food sensitivities and think that consuming an allergenic food will cause an anaphalactic ... Read More »

10 Ways to Get Fit for Summer!

by Coach Debbie Summer is coming and waiting until the pool opens is not going to be your game plan this year!  Start making choices today that will lead to a fitter, more confident you, so that this anticipated season is fully enjoyed.  I realize that you are juggling a lot on a daily basis.  Here are 10 easy ways to ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Amber Etoniru

Amber Etoniru is our Sister Spotlight and you should hear the HILARIOUS things her kids say all the time!  This hard-working mom of four wanted to “quit life” but has grown in her walk with the Lord and now embraces the possibility of joining a biker gang. “Mom, I try to be good in school, but I just don’t like ... Read More »

The Whats and Whys of BCAAs

  By Emily Saunders If you’ve done much supplement research in the health and fitness world then you’ve likely heard of BCAAs which stands for Branch Chain Amino Acids.  Sounds complex right? Since you’re a busy Mom who is probably already doing science homework with your kids I’m going to break it down for you quickly and simply WHAT are ... Read More »

What’s in My Pantry

by Coach Debbie I’m pretty curious what’s in your pantry right now.  Is it filled with mostly junk, mostly healthy, or a mix of the two?  I’ll be honest.  If you came over, I’d let you in my pantry because it’s imperfect.  There are Doritos that my kids take in the Friday lunch boxes.  You’d see sugar-filled hot cocoa packs ... Read More »

Preventing Sickness: Elderberry

By Momsanity Sister Cheryl Borchardt of Healing the Homestead Have you heard of elderberry? I first discovered it a few years ago when I was researching flu prevention and alternatives to antiviral medications, which can have some unpleasant side effects. Traditionally, elderberries were valued among the Indians of North America and have been used in folk medicine practices for a plethora of ailments.  You ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Kate Hicks

Kate Hicks is one of our incredible Momsanity Sisters who naturally encourages others around her as she so patiently parents her 2 sweet children.  Enjoy reading how the Lord has changed her both physically and in her motherhood journey!  She’s definitely a “passionate life grabber”!   Hi y’all!  I am Kate and I am child of God, wife, mom, friend, ... Read More »

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