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We believe that each woman’s body has unique nutritional needs and aspire to provide the information and tools necessary to implement life-long healthy lifestyles.  We are Moms that are fueling our bodies to serve our God, our families and our communities.

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10 Days of Momsanity: Get UNstuck!

by Coach Debbie               Growing up my nickname was “Little Debbie” and I like to think it was due to my sweet-as-oatmeal-cream-pie personality.  HA.  I always liked that nickname (and oatmeal cream pies) except for that time a boy in my neighborhood yelled, “Hey Little Debbie, got a snack for me?”  Boys…yuck. As irony ... Read More »

Get Ready for 10 Days of Momsanity!

by Coach Debbie Last week 2 of my 4 kids took foreverrrrrr in the store.  I had told them they had a couple of minutes which became 10 minutes.  So to teach them that when I say be quick I mean BE QUICK, I drove to a nearby parking lot, parked my crumb-packed mini-van and told those 2 kids to ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Anna Harper

I’ve known Momsanity Sister Anna Harper since we were 9 YEARS OLD!  She is so sweet and kind and you will love learning about her and her journey, and likely feel like you too have known her forever. My name is Anna. And I’m a recovering sweet tea addict. That’s right. Two years ago I couldn’t drive past a Chick-fil-a ... Read More »

Holiday Cravings: Tips for How to Deal

By Emily Saunders  We’re right in the throes of those weeks of the year where eating anything and everything “because it’s the holidays” is not only acceptable, but it’s encouraged.  To avoid Granny’s pumpkin pie or noodle casserole might get you a few eye rolls or, worse yet, negative comments.  Combine that with the overabundance of food EVERYWHERE and the ... Read More »

Does Your Gut Need Help?

By Emily Saunders Do you suffer from brain fog, fatigue, bloating, head aches, or insulin resistance?  Are you eating a mostly clean diet, but still struggling with energy or weight-loss? We’re starting to see more and more information about the importance of gut health for our overall well-being.  Often times our gut is referred to as our “second brain” because ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Renna Welborn, Career Mom

Renna Welborn is one of our sweetest Momsanity Sisters, literally.  As a bakery owner and mom, she lets us peek into her world of maintaining balance with work and motherhood.  She makes it look easy, so let’s learn from her insights! How do I juggle Motherhood and a Career?? As a mother of 2 kids (Kate age 3 and Renna ... Read More »

#GivePlanks Challenge

We couldn’t be more excited to kick off the month of November with our #GivePlanks challenge. This is the time of year when Moms often stop making time for themselves.  Whether that be time for being still, time with God or time for exercise, can we all agree that things get really challenging about the time November 1st hits? It’s ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Melanie White’s “Melife”

Melanie White is one of our dear Momsanity Sisters who has always been a very authentic woman who openly shares her journey with others. Season to season I never seemed to enjoy looking back on special memories. What exactly do I mean? Well, I allowed my happiness be determined and judged by my outward appearance. This way of life was ... Read More »

How to Pick the Perfect Protein Powder (plus RECIPE)

by Coach Debbie Think protein powder is just for big hulky bodybuilder guys who wear sleeveless tanks?  Nope, it’s also a perfect meal idea for YOU, the smokin’ hot mom!  Making protein smoothies is a great way to get full fast without the guilt or consequences of typical fast-food options.  They taste great and help us get our sweet tooth ... Read More »

Join Us for Trick Your TREATS!

Sugar month is upon us!  We’ve been coaching women with kids for long enough to KNOW that October is the month where sugar rules and unfortunately, for many, the cycle doesn’t stop until January 1st. We get it.  We’re moms too! This year we’ve decided to help you STOP THE MADNESS by offering you a month of recipe make-overs and ... Read More »

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