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Sister Spotlight: Amber Etoniru

Amber Etoniru is our Sister Spotlight and you should hear the HILARIOUS things her kids say all the time!  This hard-working mom of four wanted to “quit life” but has grown in her walk with the Lord and now embraces the possibility of joining a biker gang.

amber etoniru

“Mom, I try to be good in school, but I just don’t like it. It’s like…’s like kissing yourself”.

Life can be hard! According to my daughter, Kyelin, sometimes you have to do things in life that are just as bad as kissing yourself, which apparently must be pretty bad.

My name is Amber and I am married to the love of my life. We have 4 awesome, cute, frustrating, and hilarious kids together. I am hoping to get into nursing school next year because I must not think my life is busy enough as it is. Seriously though, I can’t wait to one day be a nurse and to hopefully show God’s love to my patients. I am a mess. I don’t have it all together and I couldn’t even pretend that I do. I have a hard time containing my mouth and facial expressions at times and I am really trying to be more patient and precious. However, I am a great friend and I love people so much that it gets annoying. I love that no one has it all completely together, yet our Lord still loves us with a consuming love.

Back to the “life can be hard” part. I am sure we all are aware that life is not always rainbows. Sometimes it can be tough it to even make it through the day. Several years ago I went through the lowest period of time in my life. And when I say low, I mean LOW. I look back and I am amazed at the way the Lord brought me out of that.  My dad got cancer, I had a baby, my husband and I went through a devastating time in our marriage that miraculously didn’t end our marriage, and my husband lost his job (our only source of income) all within a time period of around a year.  I wanted to quit life. I learned a lot about grace and perseverance during that time and I am still learning!

Momsanity has been such a wonderful resource for me. God has used this amazing Sisterhood to continue to teach me about grace and perseverance.  I love these ladies even though I have never even personally met the majority of them. The support, prayers, and love that is given between everyone is beautiful. I am so thankful for the individual stories that are written where God’s grace is so evident. I know that I need reminders like that. It can be too easy for me to lose focus on what is real and true. Thanks to the amazing (and quick!) workouts, I am stronger than I have ever been. I am learning to be more confident in my body even though I am not the size (yet!) that I want to be. I like feeling strong. I like knowing that I can do a kick butt work out and get through it. It is amazing to me what our bodies are capable of doing! We have an incredible Creator.

So I am going to continue pushing my body and making it stronger, so I can be a healthy and energetic mom for my kids. I need all the energy I can get while trying to convince my daughter that her sister does NOT “curse and put evil spells on people”. And hey, if nursing school doesn’t work out then I can always join my daughter’s biker gang that she says she is going to have one day. Their uniform is going to be leather jackets and mom jeans so I can’t go wrong there!


Want to join Amber and other awesome moms in our Sisterhood?  

No “mom jeans” required, just click HERE.


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