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Sister Spotlight: Anna Harper

I’ve known Momsanity Sister Anna Harper since we were 9 YEARS OLD!  She is so sweet and kind and you will love learning about her and her journey, and likely feel like you too have known her forever.

anna harper sweet tea

My name is Anna.

And I’m a recovering sweet tea addict.

That’s right. Two years ago I couldn’t drive past a Chick-fil-a or McDonald’s that the mere thought of a sweet tea didn’t lure me through the drive through. It was almost as if those extra 300-400 calories didn’t even count. It was just…So. Good.

That was the past. Now I’m a different person. My journey started over two years ago when I started getting custom workouts from Debbie. While they were quick and easy, I didn’t have a cool Momsanity video to follow along to and that made it very easy to skip one too many nights. Being accountable to myself just wasn’t enough.

Fast forward a few months… I discovered the Momsanity Sisterhood and it changed my life. It came along about the same time I had the opportunity to take an Energy Management course at work. The two combined taught me just how clueless I was about the connections between exercise, nutrition, my energy level and my spirituality. (WHY all those sweet teas?!)

As a full-time working mom with two young girls, I was tired of coming home at night… well, tired. No energy, eating everything in sight, and counting the minutes until I could fall into the couch. Life’s too short to live like that. I wanted to come in the door ready to tackle – and enjoy! – the most precious part of everyday: time with my husband and children.

anna harper family boat

So, you’re probably thinking what’s so different now?

·         Nutritional awareness – I say “awareness” because it’s an education, NOT a diet. It’s simply a way of life now. I don’t ever think twice when I order – protein, veggies & fruits! It’s that simple, and my body and mind thank me.

·         Short & simple (killer!) workouts – No more than 20 minutes, and sometimes less. Since 5am seems like the middle of the night to me, I usually do my workouts as soon as the kids go to bed (8-8:30pm). Not ideal for everyone, but it works for me. And yes, some days I can barely muster the energy to put on my sports bra and shorts that I’d never wear in public, but then I remember… I ALWAYS FEEL BETTER AFTER A WORKOUT. Period. And posting sweaty selfies on the Sisterhood is so liberating!

·         Awesome Sisterhood – I only know a handful of the sisters and I feel like I can ask whatever, whenever and always receive great support and advice (what a great feeling?). This is a community of women lifting each other up in a world where women continually feel like they’re in competition with each other. I’m in awe of these hard-working women and moms and learn something new and inspiring from them every day.

·         Delicious, healthy recipes – I actually have a towel in my kitchen that says: “I only have a kitchen because it came with the house.” That pretty much sums it up. I don’t enjoy cooking so every simple, healthy meal shared among the Sisterhood gets tried at my house. My girls even ask “is that a new Momsanity recipe?” (generally followed by a scowl or eye roll).

·         Spiritual movement – One of the biggest changes since joining the Sisterhood is my journey with Christ. It has taught me how to slow down and spend time with God every day. And how to bring my husband and daughters along in the journey. More than anything, it has taught me that I am enough. I love my God, my husband, my daughters and my family with all of my being, and as long as I’m committed to being my best self to them (& me!), then I am enough in God’s eyes.

anna harper daughters

While the list is short & sweet, the impact on my life has been so significant. Do I have days that I don’t eat well? Absolutely! Are there weeks that I only workout once (or not at all)? Sure. Are there moments that I’m not my best self? You bet. But those are the exceptions – NOT the rule. And the Sisterhood has taught me that it’s okay. In fact, it should be expected or you’re doing it all wrong.

That’s my journey with the Sisterhood and I wouldn’t trade it for anything… even a sweet tea!

Want to join Anna and so many awesome moms in our Momsanity Sisterhood?  We offer accountability for sweet tea cravings, eye-rolling recipes, killer workouts in gross shorts, and more!  Click HERE!

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