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Sister Spotlight: Kate Hicks

Kate Hicks is one of our incredible Momsanity Sisters who naturally encourages others around her as she so patiently parents her 2 sweet children.  Enjoy reading how the Lord has changed her both physically and in her motherhood journey!  She’s definitely a “passionate life grabber”!

kate hicks 2 kids


Hi y’all!  I am Kate and I am child of God, wife, mom, friend, daughter, sister, worker outer, non profit foundation solicitor, school volunteer, church volunteer, neighborhood activist, and passionate life grabber.

I am wife to Glenn and mom to Hudson (3 in May) and Ellie (just turned 8).  Really, those wild hoodlums are my day to day full time job.  I am a full time mom.  Even before children, and certainly after, I have had a very hard time prioritizing myself.  Any time I try to do so, I feel immense guilt about everything.  About two years ago, after having Hudson, that prioritizing shifted a little bit.  I hated my body and I felt entirely broken in many ways.  I saw a friend post about Debbie’s workouts and in turn learned about Momsanity.  I felt like 20 minutes was something that I could certainly tackle and absolutely needed to do. Fast forward about six months, I was working out with Debbie several days a week, regularly going to Robinhood Integrative Health, and learning so much from my group of momsanity sisters.  My health forever changed!  I was finally on the right track.  Not to mention the self care it provided for me!

kate hicks daughter

Momsanity really did save my sanity.  Last year we had five moves.  Yes!  You read that right, five moves!  Whew!  What a year.  Prior to leaving Winston-Salem, my momsanity/Debbie workouts are what kept me going everyday.  They made me feel better and helped me tackle a never ending amount of stress.  After we made several moves within the Raleigh area, it was the online workouts that kept me on track for my health.  Thankfully, I had laid the ground work for nutrition from all of the great Momsanity resources and Robinhood Integrative resources.  During all the moves, I did falter a little bit (a Dorito here and there) but for the most part I stayed solid and strong.  If I didn’t have the foundation of nutrition and health to keep me going in all the change, I think I would have ended up right where I started and would have been back at square one.  But most importantly, I also found my one true constant.  God.  God was there to help me through the happy and sad tears.  He led me.  He fought for me. He provided for me.

I have learned so much about life in the craziness of the past year.  I am closer to seeing God’s winks (God’s fingerprints and design) than I have ever been before.  When I slow down, ask God to lead my day and give me help, I see God all over the place.  I am learning there are no coincidences in life.  God has his hand in everything and I am so so grateful to him.  I often describe my day to my husband and I get very excited about sharing the love notes that God has sent to me.  I am learning that our journeys are all crazy and stressful but with God at our side we can accomplish everything.  My mantra of late is that it is all part of my glorious story.  In fact, God winks at me often with Big Daddy Weave’s “This is My Story”  song (  Thanks y’all, for being part of my story.  I can’t wait for Momsanity to be part of other people’s stories too!



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