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Sister Spotlight: Melanie White’s “Melife”

Melanie White is one of our dear Momsanity Sisters who has always been a very authentic woman who openly shares her journey with others.

melanie white

Season to season I never seemed to enjoy looking back on special memories. What exactly do I mean? Well, I allowed my happiness be determined and judged by my outward appearance. This way of life was such a vicious and never ending battle. Holidays, special occasions, and my day to day life was full of regrets and powerful feelings of failure. Somehow I kept pushing along and taking life a day at a time…This was the beginning of the “Melife” journey.


I can’t even recall when I joined the sisterhood. Scrolling through all my posts and photos I would have to guess it has been about a year and a half or so.  I realized very quickly just how clueless I was regarding the connections between my body, nutrition, and my spirituality.  I just remember diving in and soaking up all the information my little brain could retain. Was is overwhelming? YES!! It still is and I learn something new daily from my sisters.


The got to be in charge and fix it mentality was destroying the Melanie I longed to be and was not allowing the Lord to really speak and use me for His glory. Realizing that my body was His temple was mind-blowing. It’s hard to comprehend just how many of us struggle with the same issues day to day. To feel like I was battling this journey alone was lonely, painful, and set me up for so many failures.


I have say that MOMSANITY sisterhood has been the FOURTH best thing that has ever happened to me. Becoming a child of the Lord takes FIRST place. Being a mom to two beautiful children takes SECOND and THIRD place.  My sisterhood is teaching me to let go and let God have reign.  Its not about the SCALE it’s about how I SAIL my ship. Every day is a new beginning for each of us and I know that my sisters will be there every step of the way.


You may wonder where I am in my journey? Well, I can’t tell you how much weight I’ve lost or what size I am now. All I can say is I’m the most content with myself that I have been in years. I now have a mirror in my bedroom and I don’t run from the camera. 🙂  From the looks of last year’s pumpkin patch picture I would have to say that this sisterhood addiction has me completely hooked.

melanie white flex

The best part about having this support group is that we all PRAY for each other. Sometimes that’s all we can offer. But, the commitment that we all have to be in the Lords will and His word is priceless.


Ill share my affirmation with you that I say to myself …. ”I won’t ever give up and I won’t be so hard on myself”.


Let your journey be YOUR journey. Savor each victory– no matter how small. Grab a sister and let the LORD lead……


Love your sister in Christ,



melanie white and son

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