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Sister Spotlight: Scarlett Winn

We are spotlighting our Momsanity Sister Scarlett Winn, a vibrant mom with a lot to share.  Read her revealing story of triumphing over obsession, bulimia, and anorexia because of God.

scarlett winn II

I was raised by a Pirate… (pause for reaction) no, really, I’m totally not fibbing; my dad was a Pittsburg Pirate decades ago before I was born, and I can honestly say that when you are an able bodied and athletically built child of a professional athlete (even if they are currently not playing said sport), the sky is literally the limit when it comes to fitness and sports.  I was playing ball by the age of four, and participated in countless sports and things of that nature my entire childhood and adolescence.  Now, more often than not, when you have a child of a professional athlete, the parent is over bearing, demanding, demeaning, over expectant, etc. you know, the whole package, but my dad is amazing. Nicknamed Smiley, he is the most encouraging, merciful and sweet man (next to my husband) whom I’ve ever known (p.s. that nickname actually passed to me by the time I was about 8…go figure). I had an amazing example in both of my parents as to what it meant to be healthy in eating, discipline, sports and the like (my mom’s a crazy amazing cook, I’m so jealous), and for that I am forever grateful. That foundation has stayed with me even in periods of waywardness.

Fast forward to college; I wanted to go into the military since I was about 16, so upon graduating high school, I decided to go to University and sign up with the United States Air Force program, during which I began studying nursing.  Military PT ain’t no joke as they say.  I was a freshmen partaking in alcohol and some partying and there were several really stupid occasions where I thought I was invincible and went to 5am PT after a night out. Puke and thoughts of near death followed.

Long story short, college wasn’t my thing at the time so I left and began working in the real world and doing my own thing.  Somewhere along the way, about a year in, I began to really enjoy running again (a past time from high school), and along that same way, I began to feel really overwhelmed by the real world, and slowly I started getting more and more obsessive about running.  I was averaging about 37 miles per week easily, it was super easy for me and I loved it.  As I continued with the obsession, people started commenting on how great I looked physically.  I never thought I looked bad in the first place honestly, so that gave the enemy a perfect time to whisper something like “you better up the ante here before you get fat again”, truthfully it was insane, but from here I go into bulimia and anorexia. Yep, both of those together.

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This continued for a couple of years and I was totally fine with my obsession (sick, right?), however I still missed the military.  I enlisted, went through Charlotte MEPS and signed up to begin training as a USAF Munitions Mechanic, something I felt way more comfy with than nursing.  I actually got a medical discharge shortly into my military career ( I was heartbroken at the time), but God is so amazing, he totally healed me of what caused the discharge AND launched me right into my future husband’s arms so to speak.  During all of this, I’m finally open to my then friend, Joey (husband), about my eating disorder.  I was still running a ridiculous amount, but he became my accountability friend and encourager to get through this eating disorder business and get healthy.  I got a lot better, began lifting with him, but honestly, I never completely stopped purging until I got pregnant with my first baby, and then I realized that this isn’t about me anymore.  I did see a wonderful Christian counselor for a period after pregnancy and God healed me of this hurt also (God is so awesome! *shout out, Papa!*).

Sometime after this,  I was lifting on the reg and still running too much, but a professional body builder “discovered” (?) me one day at my little gym and after apparently surveying my physique, asked me if he could train me to figure compete….for FREE.  Ummmmmm….. ok?!  Yeah, so I had a great time on that journey. He was the first person to really teach me how to eat and workout.  He would NOT let me run; he would only allow me to sprint, and I felt like barfing every freaking time.  I lifted heavy and he made my menu.  I was kind of waif like from running so much and within about three weeks of working out with this guy, his way, I had gotten SMALLER even though I had gained some weight. I was so hooked.  I LOVED the way I looked, I LOVED the way I felt.  That was an awesome season in my life.

scarlett winn III

Now finally, I had a couple more babies, maintained ok physique, but after my third baby and first C section, I haven’t been able to get back to where I was or want to be (18 months).  I have followed Momsanity on facebook for over a year now and have always liked what the coaches were doing and I liked all of the tips and blog posts and the like, but I just never felt like it was for me.  I have always been independent, I’ve never felt like I needed accountability; when I saw a free month offered last month, honestly, I said to myself “why not, I’m curious about it and if it’s lame or of no use to me, I can just cancel”. It took about all of 3 days and I was HOOKED.  I loved that I could workout in my kitchen with my kids at home. I loved the recipes and all the information (BCAA’s, whaaaat?!), and surprisingly enough, I love being able to connect with all of these sweet, precious ladies who love each other and God so very much.  I DO need accountability, I DO need encouragement, prayer, sisterhood, advice, help, perspective (even if it’s just goofy stuff… I don’t know if you guys remember my *Harry Dunn* postpartum hair, but yeah.). It’s just really nice to have everyone out there, because like it or not, sometimes being a stay at home mom of young kids can make you feel like you’re sinking, and I never imagined that something as simple, albeit special, as having a social media “sisterhood” could give such encouragement and relief!

To put the cherry on top here, I have to testify that within about two weeks of the working out and eating cleaner, I can tell a great difference, more than I’ve seen since the birth of my last baby, and I am so thankful for the Momsanity coaches and sisters.  You guys are amazing and I hope you know it every single day!  Thanks for letting me share my (long) little journey here, I’m going to cut it off now before I just keep going (I so could).




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