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Valentine’s Day Sex

This article is brought to you by the Christian Sex Experts who KNOW THEIR STUFF.   They want your Sex Within Marriage to be HOT and MONOGAMOUS, just as God intended.  Don’t miss their special offer at the bottom!  –Coach Debbie   I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day.  I know, as a Christian Marriage Blogger (what I call myself), ... Read More »

Revival 2015

by Coach Debbie  We are inching our way closer to 2015!  I don’t know if that makes you exhale that this year is FINALLY over OR if it sends you into panic mode as you think of what 2015 may hold.  Either way, remember who is the Boss.  God is sovereign and has a plan.  He is seated on His ... Read More »

The Story of Us – Part 2 by Coach Jason

by Jason Baisden (PART 1—click here) Sometimes when we pray the answer is yes.  Sometimes it is no and other times we are told to be patient.  Often the yes is not quite how we would have engineered it.  When a “no” comes our way, we often react in various ways: confused, angry, disappointed, and frustrated or some combination of ... Read More »

December Splendor

by Coach Debbie   You know what I love about Amazon?  I can order just about anything from earrings to books to water bottles.  I sit at my laptop and have everything right there; no searching, no shopping, no wasting my time. And I usually wear pajamas. But.  There’s always a but. There are just some things you cannot order ... Read More »

The Story of Us: Part 1 by Coach Jason

by Jason Baisden Often times, in a narrative, or in a personal journey, the beginning or first step is hazy or unclear.  The story of meeting the love of my life, my best and sweetest friend and my soul-mate has a beginning – but where? When? (pictured: life before “Chapter 2”)   So… the beginning. The most obvious starting point ... Read More »


by Coach Debbie Her name was Lydia. She was a smart and successful business woman in the fabric industry. Her clients were society’s elite. Miss Independent had brains AND bank. She was not married. Yet her European house was large and filled with people. Lifestyles of the rich and famous for sure! She loved getting together with other women, especially ... Read More »


by Coach Debbie Summer is the BEST.  Flip flops, fun excursions, grilling, and savoring your kids being out of school.  Those days have officially ended as of today.  I’m sorry.  Summer will be back.  But you know it’s time to get back into a routine.  Making lunches, waking early, doing homework with the children.  While I know you’d rather have a ... Read More »


by Coach Debbie I feel so pressed for time almost every day.  And I am convinced that is not what God wants.  I wish life was all play and no work.  My dishwasher is always full and my kids’ bellies are always empty.  .  And it sure doesn’t help when I think about my other mom friends who are even ... Read More »

A Glimpse of Heaven: The Tree of Life

by Coach Debbie This article is so important for you to read.  Bookmark it if you’re in a hurry.    GENESIS Remember the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?  You know, the place where they ate from the tree they weren’t supposed to, and then the earth fell under the Curse?  Let’s go there together, to ... Read More »

Is God my Santa?

by Coach Debbie Isn’t it easy to just read the “fun” and “easy” and “comforting” parts of the Bible and avoid the convicting ones that reveal our sinful nature?  Psalm 20 is one that at first read appears pretty sweet and neatly packaged.  But are we living it out and putting our full confidence in God?  I decided to dismantle ... Read More »

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