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Zinc Oxide: What It Is, Why It Matters, How To Score It For Cheap

by Coach Debbie So it turns out that sunscreen of all things can be really dangerous for us.  Try not to freak out, but some sunscreens contain chemicals that mimic estrogen and potentially increase risk of breast cancer.   Another danger is that the ingredients can build up in tissue and organs.  And for you breastfeeding moms, this health risk is ... Read More »

Guest Post: Stop Listening to Other Moms & Listen to Yourself

Melody Hazelbaker is a friend of mine with two teenage daughters.  She’s one of those moms who has a double dose of wisdom and a carefree style to motherhood.  I asked her if she would share some insight into this whole parenting journey that most of us moms feel like we’re screwing up.  Enjoy her words…. I just dropped my ... Read More »

Who Decided to Not Flush the Toilet?

by Coach Debbie When I had my newborn I remember looking at his sweet face that could do no wrong.  “I will never yell at this child,” I told myself.  I mean, I was a school teacher, so I KNOW how to deal with children.” I was wrong.  And I can’t even blame my own parents because neither one of ... Read More »

Coach Debbie, The Hangover, Laziness, and White Chocolate

What does the inside of your mini-van look like? One of my babysitters says it looks like “The Hangover” and she is so right.  It’s embarrassingly disgusting at all times.  The front passenger side is filled with so much stuff like protein powder and fleece jackets and water bottles; the back is often loaded with hundreds of pounds of dumbbells.  ... Read More »

7 Ways to Lower the Bar, Mom

by Coach Debbie School’s out for summer and the kids are home with nothing to do! Maybe your heart rejoices, maybe you quiver in the overwhelmingness of it all. Let’s make it the best summer ever….no Pinterest craftiness or wallet breaking involved! Put your kids to work in the kitchen.  If they are home all day long, it’s time to ... Read More »

My Husband’s Funeral

by Coach Debbie My husband never cried at funerals.  When I asked him why, he responded, “Why would I cry?  Death is the best thing that can happen to someone.”  I never repeated that phrase until I spoke at his funeral in 2012. When I planned Aaron’s funeral, I wanted it to be done as he would’ve wanted.  He would’ve ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Scarlett Winn

We are spotlighting our Momsanity Sister Scarlett Winn, a vibrant mom with a lot to share.  Read her revealing story of triumphing over obsession, bulimia, and anorexia because of God. I was raised by a Pirate… (pause for reaction) no, really, I’m totally not fibbing; my dad was a Pittsburg Pirate decades ago before I was born, and I can ... Read More »

Last-Minute Easter Ideas for the Slacker Mom!

by Coach Debbie Hey slacker mom, welcome to my world!  I don’t even remember it’s Easter until, well, a couple of days before.  Now I’m out of time and still want to teach the kiddos about Jesus’ Resurrection!  Are you with me, slacker mom?  If you’re a Pinterest mom, that’s cool too.  You can do a full-blown Easter extravaganza, but ... Read More »

Guest Post: 5 ways to squeeze in a workout

Guest Blogger Maria Bowersock of Body By Nutrition is a busy mompreneur who shares 5 ways to squeeze in a much-needed workout! Hey Mama, How are you? No, I mean, how are you really? Have you even had enough time to stop and consider how you are doing? If you are like me, you are busy with a never-ending to-do ... Read More »

The Story of Us (part 3) – 100 mph love

By Jason The Story of Us: Part 1 The Story of Us: Part 2   When I fell in love with Debbie Wilkins, I fell hard, I fell fast and, emotionally, I was at 100 miles per hour.  Life had a freshness about it; a renewed sense – like experiencing a crisp spring day after a long, cold winter.  Colors ... Read More »

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