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Sister Spotlight: Jamie Showmaker!

Are you stuck in a vicious cycle of DIETING?  It’s so frustrating to work hard and yield ZERO RESULTS.  Right? Enter Jamie Showmaker, one of our fabulous Sisters in our Momsanity Sisterhood. Jamie explains how her life has been transformed and how her pants keep falling off. Five years. That is how long I had been struggling with my weight ... Read More »

All About Coach Debbie

I wish you and I could be sitting down together at a cute coffee shop and learning more about each other.  So until that can happen, here’s a little about me. What chore do you absolutely hate doing? Laundry.   At least I don’t have to use a washboard.   Favorite time of year? I’m a summer kid.  Fall was my ... Read More »

The Story of Us – Part 2 by Coach Jason

by Jason Baisden (PART 1—click here) Sometimes when we pray the answer is yes.  Sometimes it is no and other times we are told to be patient.  Often the yes is not quite how we would have engineered it.  When a “no” comes our way, we often react in various ways: confused, angry, disappointed, and frustrated or some combination of ... Read More »

The Story of Us: Part 1 by Coach Jason

by Jason Baisden Often times, in a narrative, or in a personal journey, the beginning or first step is hazy or unclear.  The story of meeting the love of my life, my best and sweetest friend and my soul-mate has a beginning – but where? When? (pictured: life before “Chapter 2”)   So… the beginning. The most obvious starting point ... Read More »

AUTISM: One Mother’s Rise to the Challenge

My friend Priscilla Garduño played detective and discovered her son has AUTISM.  Find out how she amazingly helps Javi to excel!  She is a wonderful mom and a really talented cook too.  –Debbie There have been many life-altering moments during my lifetime as well as blessings.  I would say giving birth to my first son was the biggest.  I never ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Amy Keffer

Amy Keffer is a vivacious member of our Momsanity Sisterhood who not only offers well-timed encouragement, but also wisdom from experiences.  Here at Momsanity we do not have “perfection” as our goal, but instead focus on “progress.”  Check out just how REAL Amy is and how she makes all this fitness and nutrition stuff WORK!   My 8-year-old daughter, Emily, ... Read More »

Guest Post: Jena’s Adoption Story

There’s this girl I met over the summer.  She casually joined my group workouts and I immediately noticed her beaming smile.  At the end of her first workout, she tells me she has lost a RIDICULOUS amount of weight (115 pounds!) and that she has a TRIBE of children.  My jaw drops because I see this tiny woman who looks ... Read More »

Discussing Debbie

By Coach Debbie.  About Coach Debbie.  Doesn’t get any more vain than that. Favorite movie genre: romantic comedy Done anything crazy? I used to steal “loose gravel” street signs with friends in high school. I had my fake ID taken in college at a bar and paid dearly in multiple ways. I was the kid who would sneak out at ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Jennifer Frick

Each month we are featuring one of our Sisters from the Momsanity Sisterhood!  This month’s sister has made healthy changes that have impacted her entire family!  Meet Jennifer Frick! ALL ABOUT JENNIFER: In September of 2013 I joined the Momsanity Sisterhood. I expected that joining would be temporary. I would follow the program for a couple of months, see no changes, and ... Read More »

Coach Debbie Meet-and-Greet

It’s time for another get-to-know Coach Debbie post!   What time do you wake up each day?   Pre-dawn, which is on weekdays.  It’s so worth it!  I lead a group workout at 5:30am at my house and it brings me such joy to have these awesome women exercising and fellowshipping.  It also makes me want to nap by 1:00pm. What are ... Read More »

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