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Sister Spotlight (& Recipe Makeover): Shannon Reavis

Check out our Momsanity Sister!  Shannon is a wonderful woman who cherishes her family and values her health.  Read all about her and a recipe she loves! I live in Lewisville, married, have 2 boys (6 and 8), work full time (as long as you consider Monday through Thursday full time) as a dental hygienist in Clemmons. For as long ... Read More »

Coach Debbie Meet-and-Greet

It’s time for another get-to-know Coach Debbie post!   What time do you wake up each day?   Pre-dawn, which is on weekdays.  It’s so worth it!  I lead a group workout at 5:30am at my house and it brings me such joy to have these awesome women exercising and fellowshipping.  It also makes me want to nap by 1:00pm. What are ... Read More »

You Know You’re a Mom When…

by Coach Debbie Ahhh, the wonderful “Club” called Motherhood.  It’s an elite club you enter and become forever changed.  Whether your offspring arrive by a gash in your stomach, a ripping of your hooha, an agency’s awesomeness, or stork….we are in this TOGETHER.  And once you’re in, everything shifts in your perspective.  Here are 30 ways to chuckle over how ... Read More »

Giveaway: Charlie’s Soap!

by Coach Debbie Last year I was talking with some fun girlfriends over brunch and you know how girls end up covering every topic possible.  Somehow or another we ended up discussing working out and sweating and how tainted our exercise clothes get.  Sweating is so good for you but it makes your workout gear FUNKY for LIFE!  Well, my ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Ashley Pope

Each month we are featuring one of our Sisters from the Momsanity Sisterhood!  These are REAL women making REAL changes!  Meet Ashley Pope, one of our sweet Sisters who opens up about how the Sisterhood has changed her life!  ALL ABOUT ASHLEY: I have always been someone who was VERY hard on myself about my weight, because my Mom was ... Read More »

My Letter to God

By Coach Debbie A few months ago, my heart was so heavy that I simply had to transfer my thoughts from head to hand.   You should know, I never ever do this kind of thing.  I typed a prayer to my sweet Savior (do you know Him and love Him, too?).   I never intended for that prayer to go beyond ... Read More »


by Coach Debbie I prayerfully hesitate writing this article.  I’ve put it off.  I’ve wondered how to put thoughts into sensible sentences.  Yet I feel led to write to you about grief.  My grief.  Not your grief.  Because I know the second I start trying to explain it, you may shake your head in disagreement because that’s not how your ... Read More »

The BIRDS and the BEES

by Coach Debbie On Saturday mornings I like to catch some extra zzz’s and take my time easing into the day.  For those of you with young babies, hang tight, these days ARE coming.  So that means my kids are awake when I finally decide to de-filth myself and shower (I normally shower at 4:15am).  You know how kids are, ... Read More »

Getting to Know Coach Emily: Round 2

By Emily Saunders It’s scary asking the question:  What do you want to know about me?  But it’s also super fun so I did it and here are the answers to your questions!! Before you start check out my original post here!!!  It has all the background details 🙂 1.  What was your biggest pregnancy craving?  I had terrible morning ... Read More »

Between the Sheets

By Coach Debbie I need to ask you a personal question. Do you withhold sex from your husband?  I wonder if you have a mental list of justifications happening right now.  “You don’t understand, he makes me mad.”  “Well maybe if he could get home before 7 from that all-consuming job.”  “Do you know how long I’ve been asking him ... Read More »

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