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5 “Reasons” We Wander

A Guest Post from Sarah Ann at Faith Along The Way It was in the wee hours of morning when I reached for another cup of coffee, trying to will myself to wake and begin the day. I grumpily grabbed my Bible in hopes to adjust my poor attitude at the foot of the cross. Pouring through the pages of ... Read More »

Bible Resources for Full Hands

By Emily Saunders I had just plopped down on the couch with all of the tools necessary to nurse my son.  After a minute or two I spotted my Bible across the room.  I really really wanted to dig into it in that moment, but it just wasn’t practical to do so.  Plus I had no where to easily set it down ... Read More »

5 Important Truths to Transform Your Parenting

A guest post from Sarah Ann at Faith Along the Way 1. You’re not perfect.  As moms, we try to feign some resemblance of perfection.  We are so desperate for other women to think we excel at motherhood, and we put on a mask of perfection that prohibits others from seeing our true selves. When we take off the mask ... Read More »

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