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Beyond the Playground: Activities to Connect to Tweens and Teens

Guest post By TMoM Team Member Kelly Hines  I’m the mother of three kids – 13, 7, and 4. Finding things to do with the younger two is incredibly easy because little kids are enthusiastic about pretty much everything. Grocery store? Cool! Park? They could go every day! Car wash? It’s like Disney World, only with shorter lines! But finding ... Read More »

You Know You’re a Mom When…

by Coach Debbie Ahhh, the wonderful “Club” called Motherhood.  It’s an elite club you enter and become forever changed.  Whether your offspring arrive by a gash in your stomach, a ripping of your hooha, an agency’s awesomeness, or stork….we are in this TOGETHER.  And once you’re in, everything shifts in your perspective.  Here are 30 ways to chuckle over how ... Read More »

The Nanny Diaries: Tips on Hiring In-Home Childcare

A Guest Post from Brooke Farmer originally posted on Triad Moms on Main: A few years ago I had one of those lovely, unexpected moments where you really feel appreciated for what you do, completely reaffirming your commitment to your job. Going through the mail one evening I recognized the return address for a family that I used to nanny ... Read More »


by Coach Debbie I prayerfully hesitate writing this article.  I’ve put it off.  I’ve wondered how to put thoughts into sensible sentences.  Yet I feel led to write to you about grief.  My grief.  Not your grief.  Because I know the second I start trying to explain it, you may shake your head in disagreement because that’s not how your ... Read More »

Revival: Lasting Change for the New Year

By Emily Saunders The last days of 2013 are upon us. I like to use these days to reflect, to dream, to pray and to praise. The years pass so quickly and I have made it my goal to never be able to say “I wish I would have”. What keeps us from REALLY reaching for our goals? Not necessarily ... Read More »

FREE Training: 3 Surprising Mistakes Moms Make

REGISTER BELOW!!!!  Join Momsanity Coaches Kate, Emily and Debbie on January 9th at 7pm EST, 6pm CST, 5pm MST and 4pm PST for a FREE Live Training Entitled 3 Surprising Mistakes Moms Make.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to learn some great tips on making effective changes in the New Year.  If you struggle with body change, figuring out nutrition ... Read More »

The BIRDS and the BEES

by Coach Debbie On Saturday mornings I like to catch some extra zzz’s and take my time easing into the day.  For those of you with young babies, hang tight, these days ARE coming.  So that means my kids are awake when I finally decide to de-filth myself and shower (I normally shower at 4:15am).  You know how kids are, ... Read More »

Serving with Kids: Guest Post by Tina Tisdale

By Tina Tisdale Growing up, my Nana was known in her small community as “The Cookie Lady”.  She absolutely loved to bake and she was good at it.  She always had cans and boxes of cookies stored up.  Why? Yes, she had a sweet tooth but that was her way of showing love to family, friends and people she interacted ... Read More »

A Guest Post: Favorite Childhood Books- Oh, How They’ve Changed

Favorite Childhood Books ~ Oh, How They’ve Changed By Katie Moosbrugger with Triad Moms on Main Tikki Tikki Tembo-no Sa Rembo-chari Bari Ruchi-pip Peri Pembo. Remember him? Tikki Tikki Tembo was my favorite children’s book character growing up, and to this day I can still recite his name in its entirety. The story is about Tikki falling down a water ... Read More »

Getting to Know Coach Emily: Round 2

By Emily Saunders It’s scary asking the question:  What do you want to know about me?  But it’s also super fun so I did it and here are the answers to your questions!! Before you start check out my original post here!!!  It has all the background details 🙂 1.  What was your biggest pregnancy craving?  I had terrible morning ... Read More »

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