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Sister Spotlight: Jenny Simpson

Momsanity Sister Jenny Simpson is a really great mom who fights her tendency of perfectionism (can you relate).  And she finds it; in the Lord.  Enjoy her hilarious way of storytelling (especially the grocery store poop). Have you seen the movie “Mom’s Night Out”?  Sweet Mom, three kids, great life….completely freaking out. My sister called me and said, “You have ... Read More »

Zinc Oxide: What It Is, Why It Matters, How To Score It For Cheap

by Coach Debbie So it turns out that sunscreen of all things can be really dangerous for us.  Try not to freak out, but some sunscreens contain chemicals that mimic estrogen and potentially increase risk of breast cancer.   Another danger is that the ingredients can build up in tissue and organs.  And for you breastfeeding moms, this health risk is ... Read More »

Who Decided to Not Flush the Toilet?

by Coach Debbie When I had my newborn I remember looking at his sweet face that could do no wrong.  “I will never yell at this child,” I told myself.  I mean, I was a school teacher, so I KNOW how to deal with children.” I was wrong.  And I can’t even blame my own parents because neither one of ... Read More »

Coach Debbie, The Hangover, Laziness, and White Chocolate

What does the inside of your mini-van look like? One of my babysitters says it looks like “The Hangover” and she is so right.  It’s embarrassingly disgusting at all times.  The front passenger side is filled with so much stuff like protein powder and fleece jackets and water bottles; the back is often loaded with hundreds of pounds of dumbbells.  ... Read More »

7 Ways to Lower the Bar, Mom

by Coach Debbie School’s out for summer and the kids are home with nothing to do! Maybe your heart rejoices, maybe you quiver in the overwhelmingness of it all. Let’s make it the best summer ever….no Pinterest craftiness or wallet breaking involved! Put your kids to work in the kitchen.  If they are home all day long, it’s time to ... Read More »

Last-Minute Easter Ideas for the Slacker Mom!

by Coach Debbie Hey slacker mom, welcome to my world!  I don’t even remember it’s Easter until, well, a couple of days before.  Now I’m out of time and still want to teach the kiddos about Jesus’ Resurrection!  Are you with me, slacker mom?  If you’re a Pinterest mom, that’s cool too.  You can do a full-blown Easter extravaganza, but ... Read More »

Revival 2015

by Coach Debbie  We are inching our way closer to 2015!  I don’t know if that makes you exhale that this year is FINALLY over OR if it sends you into panic mode as you think of what 2015 may hold.  Either way, remember who is the Boss.  God is sovereign and has a plan.  He is seated on His ... Read More »

AUTISM: One Mother’s Rise to the Challenge

My friend Priscilla Garduño played detective and discovered her son has AUTISM.  Find out how she amazingly helps Javi to excel!  She is a wonderful mom and a really talented cook too.  –Debbie There have been many life-altering moments during my lifetime as well as blessings.  I would say giving birth to my first son was the biggest.  I never ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Amy Keffer

Amy Keffer is a vivacious member of our Momsanity Sisterhood who not only offers well-timed encouragement, but also wisdom from experiences.  Here at Momsanity we do not have “perfection” as our goal, but instead focus on “progress.”  Check out just how REAL Amy is and how she makes all this fitness and nutrition stuff WORK!   My 8-year-old daughter, Emily, ... Read More »

Guest Post: Jena’s Adoption Story

There’s this girl I met over the summer.  She casually joined my group workouts and I immediately noticed her beaming smile.  At the end of her first workout, she tells me she has lost a RIDICULOUS amount of weight (115 pounds!) and that she has a TRIBE of children.  My jaw drops because I see this tiny woman who looks ... Read More »

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