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Sister Spotlight: Elizabeth Schaaf

Momsanity Sister Elizabeth Schaaf is the kind of girl I can’t say enough good things about.  Lots of personality and spunk with such a big heart!  She is really easy to like and you’ll feel as if you’ve known her ten years.  Read how she now views her body through the lens of God…. I’m staring at forty.  Staring hard.  ... Read More »

Sister Spotlight: Stevie Robertson

Stevie Robertson is one of our Momsanity Sisterhood members who truly loves the Lord in a way that was strengthened through a lot of really tough losses.  Her story has been lived out with such grace and fierce faith that we had to share it with you.  May her words bring encouragement and hope. As a little girl, I dreamed ... Read More »

Babies in My Womb (part 2): TWINS!

by Coach Debbie Click HERE to read part 1 of “Babies in My Womb” A quick recap.  My now late husband and I had 2 boys in 16 months, followed by 2 early miscarriages, then news that we were expecting identical twins BOYS (four boys, oh my!). When asked if they were conceived naturally, I always respond that they were ... Read More »

Babies in My Womb (part 1)

by Coach Debbie I was sitting on the couch at my in-laws’ house and suddenly had the urge to vomit.   Confused, I bolted to the bathroom and wondered what in the world I had eaten.   It was this fleeting moment that I dismissed and went about my week.  Until I felt like barfing yet again.  I didn’t go to Yale ... Read More »

Final BumpDate: The LAST month

By Emily Saunders Here we are at my final #bumpdate post and Baby Hutch is HERE!!!  I’m going to keep writing in this series, because many of you have asked me to.  You want to know about those first 3 months and how I handle them so I’m here to SHARE!!!   Look out for the new series #4thtrimester coming ... Read More »

Bumpdate: 25 Weeks Pregnant

By Emily Saunders Notes:  My bump is way higher and rounder this time.  When I was pregnant with Adler I carried really really low- Baby #2 has a cuter bump for sure Weight Gain: 12  ish pounds. Food Cravings:  Nuts and Trail Mix and sometimes chocolate! Like really good dark chocolate.  Still get sick if I have much sugar so fortunately ... Read More »

BumpDate: 20 Weeks Pregnant

By Emily Saunders Notes:  People KNOW I’m pregnant now- even strangers.  It’s fun!  Comparing pictures with Adler though- MAN is my belly bigger this go round.  Weight gain is the same- belly is bigger. Weight Gain: 9 ish pounds. Food Cravings:  I crave sugar but it makes me sick.  Other than that I have very few cravings.  I’m back to eating ... Read More »

16 Weeks Pregnant

by Emily Saunders You asked for it so you get it!  Each month for the next 4 to 5 I will spill the beans about all things pregnancy, both good and bad! So here goes: Notes:  My bump is WAY bigger with Baby Boy #2 than it was with Adler.  I am already wearing maternity pants/shorts only.  There is no ... Read More »

A New Perspective on Pregnancy

By Emily Saunders Psalm 127:3- Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. It’s so wonderful to share with you the blessing of pregnancy after loss.  I feel overwhelmingly thankful for the opportunity to carry a child so quickly after losing a pregnancy. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect recently (while spending ... Read More »

25 Tips for Baby #2

Guest post by Triad Moms On Main’s  Rachel H. and Megan B. What FABULOUS Tips from these experienced Moms perfect for our pregnant readers!  Take notes Momsanity and thanks Triad Moms on Main! Having your first child changes your entire world. You can’t even remember what it was like when there were was not a baby in the house. Then ... Read More »

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