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The 4 C’s of Lasting Body Change

By Emily Saunders

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New Year’s Day is quickly approaching and if you’re like most of the world you’re setting goals and making wishes left and right OR you’re in the OTHER camp and you’re just rolling your eyes at the insanity of it all.

This time of year is like no other.  We reflect, plan, look for purpose and so much more.  It’s the time for new beginnings.  It’s an opportunity to dig deep inside of ourselves if we allow it to be. How are YOU approaching the New Year?  Do you jump into goal setting mode with both feet or kind of run away from the whole idea?

After years of working with thousands of women, moms in particular, who face unique challenges, we’ve figured something out.  Once you enter the motherhood camp new restrictions abound.  There are time constraints, energy lapses, sleepless nights, never-ending to-do-lists, a thousand needs to fulfill at any given time… I could go on and on.  The struggle is real.

Even though we KNOW this, we still put this pressure on ourselves.  We think that perhaps we just might become Super Woman if we just try a little harder and expect far more of ourselves than we do of anyone else in the entire world.  Goals are important.  A drive to succeed is wonderful.  Setting ourselves up for failure with unrealistic expectations is self-defeating and it will seep into every single area of our being.

When I became a Mom I found myself in this paradox.  I wanted to do this Mom thing perfectly and I also wanted to keep up with everything else I had on my plate.  It didn’t last long.  I was exhausted and felt like I couldn’t do anything well.  Thankfully I had a great team of wise Moms around me and the idea of Momsanity was born.

Women NEED REAL MOMS to help them figure this stuff out!  I can’t spend hours in the gym each day, make Pinterest projects, keep my house spotless, juggle 3 businesses, prioritize time with God, and feed my family well without two big things:

1.  Cutting Corners

2.  Grace

When we’re willing to take a deep breath and speak be transparent with others, with ourselves, and most importantly with God- something magical happens.  Life gets easier.

Because it’s the New Year Coach Debbie and I wanted to offer a little glimpse into some of our biggest principles at Momsanity.  We’re also kicking off a HUGE sale today because we want you to experience freedom and success in 2016.  Remember that cutting corners thing?  Next year we’re focusing on ONE goal each month.  We’ll offer education, tools and even the research behind it and then our community will cheer one another on and offer support every single step of the way.

Check out our HUGE sale HERE!  HINT:  You can get started in the Momsanity Sisterhood today for FREE!

Make sure you’re getting our DAILY FREE TIPS and ENCOURAGEMENT for our 10 Days of Momsanity by joining below too!


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