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The 4th Trimester: 8 New Mom Must Haves

By Emily Saunders

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve recently been asked about my New Mom must haves over the past couple of months SO here we go.  I’ve got a bunch but I’m going to share my absolute favorites with you.

  1.  The most important thing for me is a good quality and portable breast pump.  I pumped for two years with my first son and plan to do the same.  My babies have both done better on bottles than on the breast plus I like being able to have both options at any given time.  My FAVORITE breast pump is the Medela Freestyle. It’s a tiny battery operated thing that I can easily take anywhere.  I’ve pumped on airplanes and in the middle of NYC.  It’s the best thing ever and the battery lasts for days.
  2. This goes right along with #1.  A great pump is nothing without the proper tools.  I’m a huge fan of the Simple Wishes Pumping bra and generally share with all of my friends.  It’s my favorite gift to purchase for my Mom-to-Be friends who plan on pumping.  I can cook dinner, unload the dishwasher, fold laundry and just about anything else while pumping.  As long as no bending forward is required it won’t spill 🙂 It’s like a corset and completely customizable to your size and shape so that it fits perfectly.
  3. The My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow.  Yes, I love my Boppy pillow, but the Brest Friend is amazing.  It straps around my waist and has a firm surface perfect for late night feedings.  I’ve fallen asleep many times using it and it keeps baby close and supported as well
  4. Swaddle Wraps.  I don’t have a favorite brand, but the swaddle can be a life saver for new moms!  So much easier than trying to wrap up a blanket in the middle of the night, these velcro and work fabulously!
  5. Raise Them Well Baby Wash and Shampoo:  As a second baby poor Hutch doesn’t get a whole lot of “real” baths.  I formulated this foaming wash and shampoo (along with my husband) with busy moms in mind.  It’s toxic-free and gentle around the eyes.  The pump and foam makes things so easy and it smells great.  No submersion required.  It’s also great for hand washing, breast pump part washing, quick wipe downs with a wash cloth and more.
  6. Coconut Oil- Great for belly buttons, circumcisions, diaper rashes (I add our Raise Them Well Zinc Oxide Powder), cradle cap and more I keep coconut oil at all of our baby changing stations.  I like to get the organic giant container from Costco and then distribute it into containers.
  7. Baby Carrier- Another 2nd baby requirement.  I didn’t carry Adler all that much, but I carry Hutch constantly.  I love my Tula carrier, but of course figure out which you like the best.  Make sure the baby’s hips are well supported.
  8. Covered Goods Carseat Cover and Nursing Cover– Made by a Mom (of course) this cover gets the job done.  It’s super light weight and soft and actually COVERS the carseat without suffocating baby or flying in the wind.  It also dubs as a nursing cover, stroller cover and shopping cart cover.  I just LOVE this thing (plus it comes in super cute fabrics!)
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