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The Story of Us (part 5) by Coach Jason: Overcome by Beauty

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And, yes, Part 5 is the finale!

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by Jason Baisden


Being overcome by beauty is something everyone should experience, at least once in their life.  If you are really, really fortunate, you will get to experience it every day and in a myriad of ways.

As she walked down the stairs and made her way down the aisle, I was so flooded with emotions that I felt as if I could not breathe.  As this most beautiful, elegant and captivating girl made her way toward me, time stood still (or at least you try to make it stand still) as all you want to do is linger in this magical moment.  Our 100 mph love/journey pauses at our first “scenic overlook”, and WOW! – what a view.  Intellectually knowing you are a fortunate man is one thing.  Coupling this with the heart knowledge that has been utterly overcome and where every fiber of your being is in full agreement with this sentiment, well, that is completely different.  It is quite a thing, quite a thing indeed.  I hope you who are reading this have experienced this because it really is such a wonderful gift.

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Truly, I was overcome by her beauty, but not for the first time and certainly not for the last time.  Debbie’s beauty has many facets and is displayed on many levels.  She has an outward beauty that is stunning and when her eyes focus on me, say from across a room, followed by her amazing smile, my heart melts because beauty will do that to you and you can’t control it.  I remember recognizing beauty in how she showed love to her children, in those tender ways she would uplift them when they were hurting.  There was and is beauty in Debbie’s remembrance of Aaron and how she communicates to our boys about their dad, who he was, what he was like and how much he loved each one of them.  I recognize beauty in her when she is listening intently to me.  She has a certain expression that lets you know that she is all yours and that only you matter in this moment.  And there is beauty in her relationship with Jesus, the author and creator of all beauty.  The steadfast trust in Him; the quiet assurance that He is sovereign and is in control and her great desire that others would come to experience the beauty that is our Savior.

In many ways, our 100 mph journey leading up to marriage was just a precursor to a life lived out at that speed.  Sure, we are human and have our fights; we have and can disappoint the other (I know I have).  We have days and weeks where our energy seems depleted with just doing the normal things of life; carting kids around, the groundhog day of bedtime and getting ready for school.  However, for me, no matter where I am on the continuum or how “foggy the road conditions” are, if I am able to pause, and reflect – then there it is again, the beauty.  And I am a better man for it.

As I reflect on the “Story of Us”, I am continually brought to a place of deep gratitude and overwhelming joy.  The joy of finally finding my sweetest friend and companion; the immense joy of having four great sons who I am blessed with helping to raise and watch grow to become men themselves and start their own journeys; the great joy of a beautiful, godly wife who seeks to build me up, walking along side of me during the storms of this life and the supreme joy of witnessing beauty each day radiating from the love of my life.

Debbie & Jason Baisden Wedding Collection_193

The story of us is an evolving one; one that we both share in co-creating.  There are many chapters, I pray, ahead.  May beauty be a constant companion.  With Debbie at my side, I know it will be.

(Excerpt from “Reflected”, a poem I wrote in 2013 to Debbie.  True then, even more true today)



From depth to depth and soul to soul

My joy cries out

To behold

One more glimpse, mine eyes to see

Your overwhelming



I am promised nothing and yet I hope

Understanding all the complexities

Of you and me

Sensing and knowing are two different things

Yet this I know, this I believe

I am drawn

To God’s beauty

Reflected in thee




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  1. What an incredibly powerful bittersweet fairytale story! I just read the whole thing from start to finish. Thank you for sharing this to give us a sense of God’s amazing plan for everyone who loves him.

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